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How to develop a Windows driver|Device driver development|xp drivers|install windows from windows

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How to develop a basic Hello World Device Driver and call its functions from a C#.NET windows Application Visit : http://tektips.in/how-to-develop-a-hello-world-device-driver.aspx for more details and source code Main Tasks 1. Create a basic Hello world driver (c/c++/WDK). 2. Create a Test Console Application in C /C++. 2. Create a intermediate component DLL in VC++/Managed c++ which Calls the Driver methods. 3. Create a user interface (C#.Net) and call the DLL.

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John Smith (1 year ago)
6:49 Sorry for this question, but I'm a noob at drivers, how did you managed to load it without Windows complaining about the driver not being signed and such? Thanks for any reply! :D Cheers!
John Smith (1 year ago)
KPP Destroyer or something like that :D
NGHTMRE (1 year ago)
John Smith DSEFix? :D
John Smith (1 year ago)
Got it :D I got a program that is called which patches the kernel guard and allows me to load drivers at will :D
NGHTMRE (1 year ago)
John Smith press F8 upon starting windows and you will be able to dislike DSE
Aleksandar Gajic (2 years ago)
How to compile DirectCompute  shader in driver for Intel HD Graphics 2000?
don Jeffers (2 years ago)
it absolutely pisses me off that people whine because of no audio. are you all really that lazy to watch and understand what's going on? trolls... i know this post /tut is a few years old but still people come on. learn to code by doing and playing around with the different strings etc. smh
Yale Wang (3 years ago)
damn! my speaker dont work
mithun nss (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot. That gives how the 3 pieces are connected, which i mean... Driver + OS + Application That's a good start still !!!
Alex Martinson (4 years ago)
Are you taking the piss pal? Copying and pasting code? Not much of talking and explanation?
marshalcraft (3 years ago)
that seems to be programming for windows though, not much custom code but use of modules 
leknyzma (4 years ago)
for people that dont know what copy paste is I'll recommend them this video!
would it ease your small brain if he just typed it out? he's literally just using winapi
Alex Martinson (4 years ago)
Spot on buddy. Nicely said.
botter hotter (4 years ago)
worst fucking video dufuq... people actually like this? Can barely even read wtf is going on plus no audio. Thumbs down.
Riley McDermott (2 years ago)
+botter hotter Fuck off, let's see you do better
Jeff Haper (4 years ago)
The video was pretty easy for me to read after clicking on the full screen incon. In the lower right corner below the video is an icon that looks like the corners of a box. Click on it to go full screen.  (At least that's how it works in my browser, Firefox.)
ati.. (4 years ago)
so true :)
Tom Thomas (5 years ago)
Use Ioctl call and implement your logic in that .. Tom
TekTipsVideos (5 years ago)
In general you need to correctly implement the driver entry points which has an entry as well as exit/close entry points. If we taken it correctly, then the driver will behave correctly..

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