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Barcode Brothers - SMS

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Barcode Brothers - SMS
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roee turgeman (12 days ago)
I still love this song! I was a teenager 17 yrs old wan this song was new in 2003 , now im 32 yrs old, classic , so many memories 🔥😍🙌😎
Christopher Watts (14 days ago)
Those were the days
Kei _ (20 days ago)
Nokia did huge mistake on killing this tone when MIDI phones rolled out, I mean, you could leave same good SMS sound as notification sound trough all new phones as an option and people would have choose it. Its just so iconic, I was shocked when found out that first polyphonic Nokia phones "upgraded" this sound and basically killed a legend.
Pl4stik (24 days ago)
Italiani fatevi sentireeeee
Harbinger (26 days ago)
Elon musk gotta chill
jammadamma (1 month ago)
Eehrs earhm eehrs
GET SHREKT (1 month ago)
2018-ban is!
Vipera01 (1 month ago)
Like si en tu casa por algún cajón todabia tienes el CD de bionicle
Mor faibish (1 month ago)
2018 and forever ❤️
Dauda András (1 month ago)
It was very cheesy then. Now its like some relic dinosaur. Chicks are hot though.
Fancy boat named Titanic (2 months ago)
tinNendo brought me here.
2002 very good remember!
Martin Jørgensen (3 months ago)
Årh i kære!!!! Ville da ønske noget så kraftigt at i udkom med noget mere. Husk man kan perform mednæsten alt på FL Studio;-)
Khong Quan Tam (3 months ago)
Lau lam moi nghe lau ca khuc nay
Valdis Krezevskis (3 months ago)
roey bronstein (3 months ago)
I’m sending you an ass
Bebe Mackdady (3 months ago)
it's still a great songs!:)on max volume really good:)
Rikke Jensen (3 months ago)
GermanEnderGirl (5 months ago)
Cool they finally back
roey bronstein (3 months ago)
GermanEnderGirl are they?
jan Kralicek (6 months ago)
Krásná pisnicka
jan Kralicek Žejo
Влад Мальцев (6 months ago)
2018 +++ Ностальгия)
Влад Мальцев Золото Трансдэнса
Gustavo Viana (6 months ago)
Dan Pulsford (6 months ago)
aww this is an awesome tune an the beat aswell☺☺☺☺
Nioniii (6 months ago)
😍😍😍 still
Gamferno (7 months ago)
I found this in a ringtone pack! And since I tried to find it for 7 years and finally!
VirusHVEVO (7 months ago)
That’s what I call awesome shit!
Mitch Millan Nav (7 months ago)
I thought I was the only one who associated this song with Bionicle. So awesome and cool to know I'm not the only one.
roey bronstein (7 months ago)
Did somebody think about "i'm sending you an ass"?
Mustang [KZ] (8 months ago)
like from 2018 !!!
Aleksandor Salo (29 days ago)
Bar Davshi (8 months ago)
When sms was a thing.. I hate whatsapp
Morphiuz (8 months ago)
1:54 the ticking sound only people from the 90´s will recognise.
Zypofaeser (20 days ago)
Various headphones, especially with microphones, recieve that noise. Leading to a situation where you can tell someone on a server that they are about to recieve a message just before the notification pops up.
Habib Benrejem (6 months ago)
Morphiuz you got big ears
Morphiuz (8 months ago)
Considering they are from Denmark, They got a hefty American accent.
Dean Cutter (9 months ago)
Ass Ass Ass.. I love Ass
Marius (10 months ago)
Kevin Andre Lindstrøm (10 months ago)
Telenor Mine Meldinger app sendt me here when it got a server error 500 :D haha.
Bryan Awkwardson (1 year ago)
This music is shitty as fuck. Makes me embarassed to be a Dane
Povilas Biriukas (1 year ago)
old school music
LK Music (1 year ago)
I'm sending you an S, L S. I'm sending you an S SMS. haha
simonstrane (1 year ago)
This song describes my whole life.
Andreas A (1 year ago)
Giorgi Kvitatiani (1 year ago)
2017 ))))
StraightAssMan (1 year ago)
I have put all the files of the Nestlé Bionicle CD in a Dropbox folder for anyone interested: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wym8qq72xs180za/AACrHB3ZcOXCGMxiC2LuZC2Oa?dl=0
RuthlessDutchman (1 year ago)
After so many years since getting that Bionicle game disc, I have only just noticed they use that speaker interference noise before you receive a text.
Dean Amir Hussain (1 year ago)
i'm sending u an ass????????
schranztech (1 year ago)
Back in time when autotune was cool
Шурик (1 year ago)
2002's music!
Vadim Tomashevsky (1 year ago)
Who is sing the song?
Vipera01 (1 month ago)
Written in the title: Barcode Brothers (from Denmark)
Edward Crown (1 year ago)
2017 and i still loving this and bionicle <3
Czuczi Gábor (1 year ago)
Goldfish Girl (1 year ago)
Can you make this available on mobile too? Thanks!
artem shevchehko (1 year ago)
украине риспект
Wolność Wyboru (1 year ago)
Pełna muzyczna zajebioza ;-)
Danni Hansen (1 year ago)
When did i get that sms? Here 10 years later (And more) i still havn't recived it :( Think you got the wrong number!!
Lux Rdz (1 year ago)
Bionicle ♥
TaaviXD (2 years ago)
This is so cringe, but I like it.
Arcien (1 year ago)
The instrumentation is fucking epic. I couldn't care less about the vocals imo, so I agree on that aspect haha.
gabriele pacheco (2 years ago)
bionicle <3
FgtTunning (2 years ago)
am sending u a mms
FgtTunning (2 years ago)
Secave (2 years ago)
Nestle *Bioncile* CD, good times ! :3
ajulianj (2 years ago)
*now we sing...i sending u a whatsapp....*
dariuszz (2 years ago)
kto od czarka :)
TheLawdzoj82 (3 years ago)
Future Breeze najlepszy rmx :) Niestety nie ma go na youtube :(
Dukefazon (3 years ago)
Back when SMS was the thing.
Christoffer Kjær (10 months ago)
I never use SMS except when i am texting mom and dad or my grandparrents. I keep the contact with everybody else on Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat. :D
Dukefazon (2 years ago)
It's still a working service but back then it was HUGE! Today it's way easier to get in contact and there are a lot of channels to do it, mostly online.
Amanda Egeskov Hald (2 years ago)
+Dukefazon It's still a thing, dude.
Victor4815 (3 years ago)
bionicle lol
Lubos Zdarsky (3 years ago)
typical nokia sound :) :')
LadyCCFoxy (3 years ago)
Thinking randomly my mind got to Bionicle and I instantly remembered this song. I haven't heard it in about 15 years... it's not as good as I remember, but it brings back so many memories! :') Btw, favorite bionicle robot everybody? Mine was the icy one (that was kinda light blue transparent)
sylux 69 (2 years ago)
+LadyCCFoxy "Radio Girl" is the remix of this song that came on binicle's cd
Danielkaas94 (2 years ago)
+LadyCCFoxy Mine was the Red one! xD
Leo Robles (2 years ago)
+LadyCCFoxy It may not be as good as you remember because the version that came in the Nestle cereal boxes is the "Barcode Brothers Megamix", you can also find it on YouTube ^^ I didn't actually know the name until just now and I decided to check out this original mix haha
Firstknight59 (3 years ago)
Bellisima LA song 😎👍
Attila Turi (3 years ago)
Magno kazetán halgatam
ianmata1998 (3 years ago)
Giofear (3 months ago)
Exactly, it was inside of various cereals even here in Europe on CD together with some game and this song :) it was a bit different version of the song though
Emiliano Sierra (1 year ago)
The CD that came with the Kellogg's cereal around 2000. I'm from Uruguay and we even got that here, so I guess it was a worldwide fare. Inside the CD was a pc game, and this song (well actually a remixed version of it), tho i can't recall how to actually get to the song.
juiuffophiguo (1 year ago)
I am a bionicle-fan since 2001, please tell me how this reminds me of it? :O I am not trying to be rude I am genuinly curious
ianmata1998 (3 years ago)
+roteira ah, ok
roteira (3 years ago)
The song reminds me of Bionicle too.
Kryxx (3 years ago)
Kto od Blacka ? :D
BichoO182 (3 years ago)
Monista Vain 1 (3 years ago)
+BichoO182 this dude! Fucking bionicle!
Martha Kirli (3 years ago)
paninaro81 (3 years ago)
With every bleep, My heart it crumbles..... a catchy Danish Europop tune, thank you for sharing the video! :-)
Im send you a whats app
Sylwia Andrzejewska (3 years ago)
one sms for all:) i send
Tonny Carlsen (3 years ago)
Danish Music FTW :D 
TheAZBBOY (4 years ago)
Old Times is GooD
Sylwia Andrzejewska (4 years ago)
i send one sms for all:)
Nóra Palincsár (4 years ago)
DarkAngelCookie (4 years ago)
o.O...die haben fb vorhergesagt...- das lied beweist das die zombiekalypse der inet süchtigen teenies schon von vornherein klar war..
Diana hoffmann (5 years ago)
von 0:00 bis 0:09 ist es gut dann net mehr ich mag den song dooh dooh

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