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How Barcodes Work

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Barcodes In One Lesson. Barcodes have revolutionized modern life. Discover what happens every time you hear a beep at the checkout. I was inspired to make this video based upon an explanation of barcodes I found in a great book called Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software http://amzn.to/pR9MwK . I highly recommend it.

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Text Comments (355)
Saps_ (25 days ago)
These videos are super helpful
missdiamond169 (1 month ago)
So how come someone still can make a fake products using unique barcode from the original one :(
Jol Chobi (2 months ago)
campbell's chicken noodle soup barcodes
Aaron Ramsden (2 months ago)
*mental orgasm*
Ptubes (2 months ago)
I’m here in 2018 completely baffled this shit is so cool
Sa ra (3 months ago)
Courtney Jane (3 months ago)
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Kiran M (4 months ago)
So much of math... I would rather close my eyes
Chris Prowse (4 months ago)
Hello to everyone I know :=)
Arnab Das (4 months ago)
Wow, great information. Last time bought it from UPC planet works great https://www.upcplanet.com/
Goat the immortal (4 months ago)
I was hoping this can clarify what is on agent 47's head. And if he's a can of soup
YM EasierSoft (4 months ago)
Very good course to quickly understand how bar codes work.
nature boi james (4 months ago)
So what if you scan agent 47
Route 66 (4 months ago)
I tryed my best but i failed 2 understand most of this complex technical Talk!!
Usama Iftikhar Butt (5 months ago)
Frank Cuizio (5 months ago)
I wonder if androids will have a bar code on them.
FOAD RIGHTNOW (6 months ago)
Easily one of THE most informative videos per minute that I've seen! I learned more about bar codes in four minutes than I did in seventeen years in the grocery biz! Thanks!
Mysterious World (7 months ago)
by the way what brought me here is that i was drinkin water from the bottle and i looked ate the barcode and suddenly got curious what does these numbers are so thw water i was drinking was on coupon , first digit number was 5
Mysterious World (7 months ago)
when it comes to math my brain stops functioning hahahahahahaha
史颂华 (7 months ago)
OhRonE (8 months ago)
I knew it was about reflecting light ha
Sean Espiritu / Sed (9 months ago)
So, how did they know the price
Add859 TankiOnline (9 months ago)
Finally a video that answers my shower thought about a barcode knowing if it is upside down. Thanks lol
Albert Noble (9 months ago)
So how does it understand if it reflects light or not?
Fragments of my Thoughts (9 months ago)
Thanks this lesson helped me alot.
Amit kumar (9 months ago)
my Barcode of TISSOT watch is 11000671201258 so Is it orginal or high copy watch? In which country it is made can I know? plz help me?
J.Robin J.Godwin (9 months ago)
crissie rose (10 months ago)
yes , but what is the point of them?
Dr.Kickass (10 months ago)
me love you long time
hungry starvin (10 months ago)
great video , short sweet and to the point and easy to understand
Tony32 (10 months ago)
Next time i see a tough guy with a barcode tattooed on the back of his head I'll be able to figure it out. It'll say Chicken Noodle Soup probably.
Rigon Sierra (10 months ago)
I was a bit enlightened. ;)
Rowyn Gaming official (10 months ago)
I can scan bar codes with my iPhone
koolaidman519 (10 months ago)
iFunny sent me here
Cana (10 months ago)
CupcakKe brought me here
DaElfer (11 months ago)
Thank you so much. I was able to create a program to generate a barcode
Appoline (1 year ago)
My TaoHorse barcode scanner works great for 1D/2D barcodes, iPhone, PC, etc., finally know what happens, thanks:)
Michael Thornes (1 year ago)
Chickennn Nooodleee Sooooup
Ali The Boss 7 (23 days ago)
Ma man 😂😂😂😂
Monnie Holt (1 year ago)
Very good job.
YupPup (1 year ago)
i work in a warehouse and im super glad to finally understand this
Dave john Willams (1 year ago)
so remove the bar code and piss of the cashier.
Astrodex (1 year ago)
Now I can read barcodes.
wasolop (1 year ago)
Is this correct for all types of barcodes (ie EAN and UPC)?
Thary Djou (1 year ago)
Im not sure those are differ or similar. But you can do googling and find it out. Bcuse i ever searched about it before.
nyancoti (1 year ago)
excellent! :-)
nugnug635 (1 year ago)
does all this in a fraction of a second meanwhile i cant count to 90 in 9s
SuperRandomForum (1 year ago)
Left, center and right guards are number 6. That will make 666, without those the code won't work.
SuperRandomForum (1 year ago)
Generate a barcode with only 6:es, it looks exactly the same as the guards. Or just google "barcode 666" and google explains with pictures.
Matheus Avellar (1 year ago)
SuperRandomForum In his video, left and right guards are 101 (5 on base 2) and the center guard is 01010 (same as 1010, which is 10 on base 2). How did you get 666? :x
Nadia Nilsen (1 year ago)
Thanks for that!
Chil (1 year ago)
exwhyz33 (1 year ago)
F*&$£%G brilliant video !! Thank you.
X e n u x (1 year ago)
Omg this is mindblown for me. Thank you very much! Old but gold video.
Shlomo Cohen (1 year ago)
good job.
Ernie Estrada (1 year ago)
Someone could come up with fake barcodes and get discounts at the market aye.
toustík (1 year ago)
Who the fuck came up with this? whoever it was it was a fucking genius
BStandsForBuilding (1 year ago)
It's not a who. It's a crap ton of different people. Computers have been thought of over multiple centuries by multipile different people through a branch of shared knowledge. A lot of them were only good at science and weren't always considered genius. They dedicated their entire boring lives into the evolution of technology and computers. So who came up with this? A lot of people. The real genius in people is the ability to share knowledge and work together, trust me.
Ryan Pearce (1 year ago)
You need a pop filter on your mic man lol
Dead (1 year ago)
Jerry Peirce (1 year ago)
"So now you've learned barcodes, in one lesson." ... ... ... *blink* Have I?
magojiro kusanagi (1 year ago)
This guy nails it
lowercaseletters (1 year ago)
Barcode is a good UHC player.
Michelle Jankowsky (1 year ago)
the barcode is Campbell's Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup 10.75 oz
Tobie Allen II (1 year ago)
This cashier is grateful for the lesson!
Anything (1 year ago)
Thanks man
marcus kornegay (1 year ago)
every answer to every question I had about barcodes right here!! thanx really helpful!!!
marcus kornegay (1 year ago)
Adrian Roata (1 year ago)
How do you make the translation from binary to decimal ? Left side the binary 0011001 is translated as 1, but on the right 1100110 is 1. I can see a logic in that on the right side the 1 becomes 0 and vice versa, but i can't see the further logic. I haven't been searching too much tbh. :)
Levi the Shark (1 year ago)
Thank you, very informative. I half expected this to be one of those religious nut videos.
ThunderousGlare (1 year ago)
#1 person (1 year ago)
How boringly interesting.
April (2 years ago)
Come up with total of 23! Thinking of that movie 23 everything is 23
April (2 years ago)
no no the numbers theres the country where the product was made - thats always first
Isabelle Goffin (1 year ago)
April Haha
ferdhosi begum (1 year ago)
maybe you r right
Selina Afroz (2 years ago)
Can I get the expiry date from barcode?
Isabelle Goffin (1 year ago)
Selina Afroz cool
Cragie (2 years ago)
Eduardo Castro (2 years ago)
And all of that happens in less than a second¡ Awesome.
Alex Stefanov (9 months ago)
Planes are relatively faster than anything in the past. You can literally travel around the whole planet in 30 or so hours using a plane. That would be literally impossible with any other technology from 100 years before. We may also see teleportation in another 50 or 100 years, so let's just wait.
Miroslav Mandic (9 months ago)
Alex Stefanov and still we using planes for long distance travel.
Alex Stefanov (11 months ago)
Your comment got sent over the internet, traveling from router to router on it's long journey across half of the planet using many cables (some even under the ocean) to a google's server to be processed, checked and saved, then a confirmation for that has been sent back to you over the same giant network of home routers back to you so you can express appreciation of a video explaining barcodes, all in 2 seconds. Yeah, everything happens fast nowdays...
marcus kornegay (1 year ago)
Eduardo Castro right!! freaking nutz to think that something can tell all that in a second due to how some lines were drawn!!! lol
Poornima Kapoor (2 years ago)
thanks sir..Very easy n effectively explained..
Robert M (2 years ago)
@3:49 did you just say 23??/??  Jim Carrey is going to kill you with the number 23.
Chris P. (2 years ago)
If you know what your doing, is it possible to make a Barcode that when scanned, has the device that scanned it install a virus?
David McKee (11 months ago)
Timber Husky No. But, depending on the software and OS of the system, and how vulnerable it is, you could give it a specially crafted barcode that exploits a buffer overun and then executes shell code to give you superuser privileges.
qsqua (1 year ago)
No. The program that reads the bar code can only read, check and write to the display of the computer. If you want to add a virus to the computer, you're gonna need access to the code of the program and change it. Reading a barcode won't do anything.
Matías Ibañez (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure the instructions that the barcode provides are references to data already set inside the computer that makes sense of the numbers, because in the end the bits provide nothing but numbers that must be addresses already set in the memory. Now I'm not really sure if that's the way the computer makes sense of it, but I am sure that you can't install a virus. Now, unless you had a registry inside the computer which contains an infected file and you could open it by addressing it through the barcode (but this is another guess).
Joni Murto (2 years ago)
Interesting and informative video, thanks (y)
Nattawit Boonchai (2 years ago)
That's help me understand and make my own DIY Barcode with MS-Excel, Thank you.
Omar Omokhodion (2 years ago)
Is the modulo check character similar to a checksum?
Sign are nothing to you
There 666 here in barcodes
Chase Barlow (2 years ago)
I know what bar code that is its chicken noodle soup
Jordan Chamberlain (2 years ago)
He said it lol
EAHardware (2 years ago)
but what about other barcodes... EAN-13 don't have the Modulo Check number or the Number System Character (0)... how do they work that stuff out... how do they do a final check?Also what is best practice, should we include the Check number and Number system in a barcode or should they not be part of the barcode...I guess you are using a UPC-A code, what is the difference between that and UPC-E?
Carl Ziade (2 years ago)
Thank you for this lesson. Can you share the presentation you used?
nuckles222 toxicroak (2 years ago)
pancanfly (2 years ago)
Thanks for the lesson.
fiery shendu (2 years ago)
agent 47 approve this.
Aaron Millett (2 years ago)
the fist barcode is of chicken noodle soup
brandon tan (2 years ago)
i noticed that the right side codes are the exact opposite of the left side codes. left side code for '0' = 0001101 right side code for '0' = 1110010 And so on.
manualLaborer (2 years ago)
ah. for orientation i presume.
大拍狼 (2 years ago)
alex80330 (2 years ago)
You've very explained videos. So why you have little videos?
MIND_GAMES (2 months ago)
ReddVV comes across as the kind of person who takes his anger out on other people bc he's frustrated with the fact that his life is sad and pathetic.
Add859 TankiOnline (9 months ago)
hehe just read this pathetic argument between someone you never knew. How you acted I am sure is not how you usually respond to slightly intrusive questions like this but what ever.
ReddVV (2 years ago)
+Alan Johnston ahh yes another shitty overused insult. Fuck off kid
Alan Johnston (2 years ago)
+ReddVV oh I see, you're 12. Disregard
Alan Johnston (2 years ago)
+ReddVV why are you the way you are
Madhu Bhargava (2 years ago)
Thank You!
Thanks a lot for such a brilliant lecture just in one lesson. Thanks again.
Eddie Murphy (2 years ago)
Islam encourages and makes it mandatory for everyone to learn and know stuff.. this was so helpful? thank you so much #InOneLesson
Eddie Murphy (2 years ago)
+Reza Karami  I meant no harm by saying so, this was a clear answer to a user called Steve Steele, not sure if you check his commentary, did I really bother you with that post? if so I'll remove it bro
Reza Karami (2 years ago)
+Eddie Murphy how you managed to bring your religion into this is beyond me.
Nachito Atilano (2 years ago)
that was freaking awesome
sangón (2 years ago)
why the f making it so complicated makes it so effective?
Tim Klop (2 years ago)
because it's complicated to YOU, not to a machine. this is just a few calculations wich require almost no processing.
LeonardoGulli (2 years ago)
Well made video!
Best amongst the best....Too Good
Zac Grey (2 years ago)
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
moivaanmoi (2 years ago)
i wonder when QR codes are replacing these... (at least here) they use QR codes in cinema already
Korey Mo (2 years ago)
Korey Mo (2 years ago)
get cheap certified upcs here
Aloan Moreira (2 years ago)
so all this (over 4 minutes of explanation) happens at the split second bip of the check out! whoaahhhh!!!

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