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How to Read Barcodes

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Text Comments (1694)
Jonathan Pikmin (3 hours ago)
you have the _s m o o t h e s t_ transaction _b r u h_
DinoNiall (16 hours ago)
The way he pronounced Canberra lol
TaEScar LaD (2 days ago)
i live in Caithness, i live near Halkirk.
thermate93 (2 days ago)
You start by describing UPC-12 but the country codes only appear in EAN-13.
VMan_ 2002 (3 days ago)
0:34 *faceplant* omg you can't even pronounce anything
Tess Attale (4 days ago)
0:45 thats 2
Steffani (5 days ago)
Sakd Canberra wrong 👺💯
Terodaptal (7 days ago)
"Got it?" "No way!"
Emm Igamer (11 days ago)
I stopped at 1:35 and said myself let the scanner do the work!
Gaming cousins videos (12 days ago)
Ok guys say it with me CAN-BRA not can-be-ra
humilulo (15 days ago)
wow. that is the most confusing explanation of number to bar code conversion that i've ever seen in my life! it was easier figuring out the pattern myself 20 years ago. back then, i worked as a cashier at a grocery store. when i was bored waiting one day, i decided that i wanted to figure out how bar code numbers were encoded. so i did. the difference between left and right numbers is so much simpler that this video explains. and not mentioned at all in this video is that every digit can essentially be written in reverse order. every digit has 2 bars and 2 spaces. the width of each bar and space can be anywhere from one unit width to 4 units wide. and an entire 'digit' of 2 bars and 2 spaces always use 7 units of width. so how many ways can we add 4 numbers to total a width of 7? there are 20 ways to add 4 digits to 7, which gives us 20 ways, with 10 digits and a revers way for each digit: 1+1+2+3 or 3+2+1+1, (both mean digit 0) 2+2+2+1 or 1+2+2+2, (both mean digit 1) 2+1+2+2 or 2+2+1+2, (both mean digit 2) 1+4+1+1 or 1+1+4+1, (both mean digit 3) 1+1+3+2 or 2+3+1+1, (both mean digit 4) 1+2+3+1 or 1+3+2+1, (both mean digit 5) 1+1+1+4 or 4+1+1+1, (both mean digit 6) 1+3+1+2 or 2+1+3+1, (both mean digit 7) 1+2+1+3 or 3+1+2+1, (both mean digit 8) 3+1+1+2 or 2+1+1+3, (both mean digit 9) The 1st way shown is the 'normal' (forward?) way. The 2nd way shown above is the 'reverse' way. (Notice the order of numbers are reversed.) These numbers are how many units wide each bar or space is for the alternating bars and spaces for that digit. Note that for all widths, on the left half of a grocery barcode, the widths represent bar widths that are white, black, white, black. And for the right half of the bar code, the colors are black, white, black, white for each digit. There is a black, white, black bar pattern between the left and right sides. So when this video shows the patterns, because it's overlaid on a white background, it's impossible to determine these specifics from the video. (I just looked at 3 bar codes for my list i just made.) For most groceries, only the forward way is used, that is, 1+1+1+4 for digit 6, not 4+1+1+1. But i have noticed that in some cases (like short bar codes [small products]), some of the digits are reversed, and which digits are reversed follow a common pattern too. Books (in the USA) also have an ISBN number that uses this same bar code encoding except there is an extra prefixed short bar code beside the normal bar code. And some digits on the ISBN bar code are reversed and it always seems to be the same digits. Well, that's what i noticed when i played around with reading bar codes. ;P
juggerknot100 (17 days ago)
what is a good app to do the barcodes
Charles Carter (19 days ago)
Big up the tesco mandem my drillas from day
Scott MacKenzie (19 days ago)
Don't know if anyone has pointed this out but you pronounced Thurso as "Thurs-o", here in Scotland we pronunce it "Thur-zo" small difference but a noticeable one.
Megan Meloon (19 days ago)
The company code from where I work is 77890
SaulieXtra (19 days ago)
00:34 what?
Doge Maverick (19 days ago)
That was the most interesting thing I've learned today, srsly nowadays everything is becoming more and more complicated and un intuitive, theres so much cryptic bullshit floating around us that we can't even imagine how fucked we all really are, likeis electrosmog a thing, where is my data saved, who saves my data, why is there is no fucking apocalypse out there and everybody is driving cars when in fact we are like a decade late for deadline to a final solution to the oil alternatives, the world wide apocalypse that should have happened in like 2008 or so that we should all have died from long time ago... I mean we are still alive because reasons, but we don't really know when it really happens and even if it really happens. Just an example... Anyways, understanding the logic behind crap like bar code, like shit I thought to be unimaginable electro wizard fuckery I could never understand, gives me back at least some sanity. Thanks mate!
Its not can-beara, it's canbrrrrra
Matteo Musella (21 days ago)
Cool advice: if you read "italian food" somewhere, check if the barcode is 80. If it's not, it's fake (spoiler alert: almost 99% of supposed italian food abroad is fake)
Tem plates vs temp lets
Christopher Dibbs (22 days ago)
0:34 UGGHHH!! Why is it so hard for people to look up the correct pronunciation for Australian places?!? It's "Can-bra". "Can-bra". Not "Can-bear-a", or "Can-bar-a" or anything like that. "Can". "Bra". Simple!
Cynthia S (22 days ago)
Great explanation of the bar codes until the sponsorship part came up and it got less interesting.
Romi Agua (24 days ago)
Obrigado. O saber é incrível. 📈👍
marcus raiti (24 days ago)
Well you can read barcodes but you can’t pronounce Canberra correctly it’s pronounced canbra
Lucas Boyle (25 days ago)
Seth Brocas (26 days ago)
It isn't Can-bear-ah, it's Can-bruh. I'm Aussie. I'd know.
Sophie H (26 days ago)
Amazing video. However at around 4:00 when describing how to calculate the check digit, you stated that the multiple of 10 closest to 73 was 80! Regardless, very informative video. Keep up the good work.
Sam C (26 days ago)
Me: Ok, a video to interest my mind... Video: " *THIS* *VIDEO* *IS* *BLOODY* *SPONSORED* *BY* *SPACESQUARE* ." Me: *Throws computer out of window*
Nilon (28 days ago)
I really think that this was a great video, because it taught me very much about how the barcodes are set, programmed and eventually read by the scanning machines. But what's also great is that you can get 10% off at the Squarespace platform where you can easily build your own website by using their beautiful templates.
Mubashir Ahmed (28 days ago)
makes no sense
I love DOGS (29 days ago)
Got it? Me: no Good. Me: Erm
terry waller (29 days ago)
There are several barcode formats. Only time I read then manually is when i am setting up a scanning system.
Byron Q (29 days ago)
We Aussies pronounce it "can-bra"
Goody Harrison (29 days ago)
I am unsure if he purposely mispronounced Canberra 😂
George Hou (29 days ago)
did he just pronounce Canberra as "kan - berra"
Ella Lucy (30 days ago)
Chels Rose (1 month ago)
The way he said Canberra 😫 it’s can-bruh not can-ber-uh 😂 no hate
Blake Sawyer (1 month ago)
Anybody else discovers HAI and Wendover a week ago and been watching it since?
PJ Berri (1 month ago)
Well you just taught me how to make my own company for free.
okay okay-Dogew00f (1 month ago)
Me: That's a lot of math, I don't think anyone can.. *Beep*
lonelyPorterCH (1 month ago)
Thats an interesting way to make money^^ But they have he monopole, customers have to buy it^^
KiCcAsS IdiOT (1 month ago)
karen Japa (1 month ago)
This is somehow extremely boring and extremely interesting all at the same time
Jensen's Aviation (1 month ago)
Honey Nut Feelios (1 month ago)
Can-BERRA lol it’s CAN-brah
Jataro Kemuri (1 month ago)
Let B={x_1,x_2,x_3…x_12 },where x_1,x_2,x_3…x_12 are the digits of the barcode in left to right order. So,the check digit (ie x_12 )=10(⌈(3(∑_(i=1)^5 x_2i )+∑_(i=1)^6 x_(2i-1) )/10⌉)-(3(∑_(i=1)^5 x_2i )+∑_(i=1)^6 x_(2i-1) ) So plug in the digits, and you will be good.
Cyber Punk #386 (1 month ago)
2:15 According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_GS1_country_codes "622" is the country code for Egypt. Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) has the range 760 – 769.
Cyber Punk #386 (1 month ago)
0:34 "Coles in Canberra" 😂. It's pronounced "Kembra".
Bryan Lovell (1 month ago)
Does this mean that a country can put barcodes on their money to tell you the cost?
ErRaptorizing (1 month ago)
I would love to see QR Codes now...
Anthony Whelan (1 month ago)
The code for six on the right is exactly the same as the dividers - i.e. 666. It's a fact. The last book of the Bible foretold 2000 years ago that in the last days we wouldn't be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast and his number, 666. There is also a third set of numbers which can be randomly used to replace lines on the right to obfiscate the fact of the six bar. The owo didn't want the public to work it out but a man named John was given the code in a dream in 1984.
Gordon Freeman (1 month ago)
"can-berra" hahah
skitt the joker (1 month ago)
That's not how you pronounce Canberra
Fazbear gotswag (1 month ago)
Hey canberra that's why I'm from
Gamez4 Dayz (1 month ago)
Can berrra lololol
Bradley Noneofyourbizz (2 months ago)
It's easy: Thin, thin, space, thick, thin, thin, thin, space, thick, space thin, thick, thin, thin...
globglogabgalab (2 months ago)
*_P O P P Y C O C K_*
Llama_ Corn (2 months ago)
0:34 Did you just call Canberra ‘cam-bear-rah’? Btw it’s not pronounced that way 🤣
Guarionex Batista (2 months ago)
Still.... don't get it
Linds Tee (2 months ago)
This video had way more math than expected.
FireGamerGT (2 months ago)
Thanks. You Taught Me Nothing About How To Read Them. You Explained How It Works.
HeinRich W. KocH (2 months ago)
How do I trace the contact details of a manufacturer from a bar code?
Mark Woods (2 months ago)
Shout out to Coles
Carlos Estevam (2 months ago)
too few products
Liam (2 months ago)
Can-bear-a? It's Canberra mate, think Can-bra
Lucy A (2 months ago)
did u just say can-boo-raa? its can-bra
Marcus Len (2 months ago)
can-BRA, not canbeRRa
I didn't understand shit but cool video bro hahahah
TransitNerd 3687 (3 months ago)
College Advertisement: Do you have a dream job in mind? Well, there’s no better place to get that dream job than college! Me: I don’t need a degree to be a barcode reader!
C (3 months ago)
zionist barcode is 729 and 871, boycott it
Nikolai Goncharov (3 months ago)
I gave a like for how smoothly you transfered into the squarespace add 😝
Sharpiedbelugas (3 months ago)
3:55 my mind went out the window faster than being taught calc
Afia Begum Chowdhury (3 months ago)
I understood shit.
Nerpna Fresh (3 months ago)
0:34 "Canbearah" dead XD
KumboKid (3 months ago)
HAI: or a coles in Canbrrrrrra AUSTRALIANS TRIGGERED
Human Child (3 months ago)
Sorry I just threw up at that Canberra pronunciation
SomeCallMeShady (3 months ago)
Why does everyone pronounce Canberra wrong XD
T Perm (3 months ago)
Ttw the wrong pronunciation of Canberra triggers me and I'm not even Australian
drowninngroses (3 months ago)
can berra
Kawaii Scout (3 months ago)
Umm caberra it pronounced c-a-m-b-ra
Karma Reflhects (3 months ago)
Damn, I thought I was going to be a smart reading machine by the end of this video lol
Czar Cease (3 months ago)
where is the number code that tells u the price of the product
jingleberryification (3 months ago)
Julien solomita would be proud of that transition
Maja (3 months ago)
0:34 Can-bra
Dobby The Elf (3 months ago)
Ludvig Almquist (3 months ago)
Your ads in the end of EVERY video is shit. The totaly "smoth" transaction makes me mad every singel time. UNSUBSCRIBE.
ILIFE (3 months ago)
this is the funniest thing u said there are 95 bars and then u said where the 9 always are but the u said the remaining 84 when there are actually 86 remaining
snakelemon (3 months ago)
Are barcodes being recycled also?
Mike Corleone (3 months ago)
They just skip over the fact that the three at the front, middle, and end that divide them are all 6's. (666)
AnantaSesaDas (3 months ago)
More simply put is that the number of WHITE spaces on the LEFT is exactly the number of BLACK spaces on the RIGHT. They are just inverted. Much easier. And every digit uses 2 black bars regardless of space width.
Nathan Warner (3 months ago)
I just had to pause this video less than a minute in because of the way you pronounce Canberra.. Can-bra. Not Can-ber-ah, ;)
WordlessOne5366 (3 months ago)
It's pronounced cam-bra
synchro505 (3 months ago)
I've always wondered how bar codes worked (even as a little kid). Thanks!
Humanista Official (3 months ago)
Because I’m loving your videos, I will subscribe to your channel
Anthony Tauszik (3 months ago)
i live in Australia its can ber a
Najmah Chant (3 months ago)
what if all barcodes are taken up? do they just make it longer?
Najmah Chant (3 months ago)
if there is a GS1 will there be a GS2 and has there been a GS0?
Roxanne Willemse (3 months ago)
I love learning stuff from these videos but I always hate your transition to sponsorships because its like you're trying to fool all the viewers and it sucks
Christopher O'Grady (3 months ago)
goji faz (3 months ago)
1:34 is that a stranger things reference

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