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Barcode Brothers Dooh Dooh

2667 ratings | 469168 views
Barcode Brothers Dooh Dooh
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Text Comments (147)
Peter Bali (9 days ago)
2018 and still on full blast
3bogdan333 (15 days ago)
хит моего юношества) а ещё песня SMS тогда была у их популярна
This track my life.Forever+like.Gold collection
вася пупкин (30 days ago)
в 2к18 актуальнее чем 95% говна от которых кровь из ушей идет (давайте послушаем бузову)
Daniel Escobar (1 month ago)
2018 Dooh dooh
Tomasz Wierzbinski (1 month ago)
Beautiful times it were early 2000s, so beautiful...
ебать песель выносит нахуй
ALESSANDRO.C.A (1 month ago)
musica muito boa
dina M (2 months ago)
юность диско супер
MatiMarta Ross (2 months ago)
nice song and great memories...
ppcLalka (2 months ago)
Optimus X (2 months ago)
With this song I remember wonderful moments of my life, i feel nostalgic, 2001 please come back
Pre Nogi (3 months ago)
2018 still going strong!
Urij H (3 months ago)
Очередные бабьи завывания,ни о чём
Vadja Vadiks. (3 months ago)
my childhood
Galahat Photo (4 months ago)
2018 still listening!!!
Galahat Photo (4 months ago)
Моё младенчество,это начин 2000-ых годов,ностальгия!Это был молодёжный хит совершенно точно!!!
Jimmy Lager (5 months ago)
VIVA was the best! - 2018...
Hyper Galactic (5 months ago)
Once upon a time there was techno...
Damian Swiech (6 months ago)
2018 ;P
Metatron (6 months ago)
Who in 2018 ;]??? LOVE THIS SONG - BRING BACK 90s and 00s
Влад Мальцев (6 months ago)
самая классная песня)
przemo przemo (6 months ago)
lata mlodosci wracają wspomnienia i to piękne
Magical MusicmanVEVO (6 months ago)
Not bad music
GermanEnderGirl (6 months ago)
Love it 😍😍😍
Petr (7 months ago)
2018 перст ввысь!
Ivan Ceba (3 months ago)
2018 !!!!!!!!
Jose Orellana (8 months ago)
Tenía 12 años cuando la escuche
James Fennell (9 months ago)
Serious tune... me and my mates called it the seagull song haha..
Sergei Feel (9 months ago)
О, конечно! В машине весьма классно внимать, едем чрез всю Россию из Магадана в Краснодар, в Якутии путь убитая. Вторые день в пути.
Good Win (5 months ago)
будто доехал?)
Willm5499 (10 months ago)
There ya go DJ Fly 😎
Hanys (10 months ago)
zajebista stara nuta heh łezka w oku się kręci jak ten czas leci ....
Иван Семин (10 months ago)
Бляяя!!!Сто лет не слышал эту песню!!!!Кайфффф
Arnas Balsys (10 months ago)
Vaziojem, LTU 2017 <3
kèvin R Dee (10 months ago)
fucking sick tune a time long gone and missed sadly
R32LMedition (10 months ago)
The only song that i know the lyrics dooh dooh dooh dooh
Mette Christensen (10 months ago)
Mette Christensen (10 months ago)
Lorte snag
Barbara Wisniewska (11 months ago)
dooh dooh 😍😍
Phen0mable (11 months ago)
banging tune from my youths lol 2017 still tripping to it
Robert Łagowski (1 year ago)
JOY peruana (1 year ago)
la busque por años siglos uffffffff no puede ser x fin la encontre despues de tararearla tratar de descifrala y x finnnnnnn
Krzysztof41 (1 year ago)
uncomplicated text of this song
dy dy dy dy dybvaaaad
Jwattfilms (1 year ago)
me likey
Transformerbrain (1 year ago)
Zhongyu Shi (1 year ago)
dyb dyb dybvad
Robert Clausen (2 months ago)
yeah !!
Ascencion Corona (1 year ago)
hace mucho que buscaba esta rola gracias
Oscar Salgado (1 year ago)
90 s lo mejor thanks
Kye-lynn Van Meer (1 year ago)
Come to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better than sandstorm . . . COME ON ! ! !
Stefan Bentsen (1 year ago)
Dybvad bragte mig tilbage til en ungdoms sang hvor man kunne lave musik ;)
Ethan Sauce (1 year ago)
When ur trying to look for another techno song
grobaruzice (1 year ago)
2017 still listening !!!!
grobaruzice (6 months ago)
And in 2018 still listening :)
miau (1 year ago)
one of my favourite songs... at that time.. nice
Cpt Slow (1 year ago)
Demjan (1 year ago)
I can talk in English
Demjan (1 year ago)
J'm me Polish umiem English ;)
Demjan (1 year ago)
What's is a musician??
willmandude (2 years ago)
What's the name of this song again?
Tоляны4 (2 years ago)
в армии зажигал под эту песню 15 лет вспять))
cedrac18 (3 years ago)
Better than Darude - Sandstorm
Freyrfimbulwinter (10 months ago)
If someone remade the lead from Sandstorm sampling the "dooh" from this song, my life would be complete.
Robert Mic (1 year ago)
Nothing compares with Darude - Sandstorm !! :)
DJ QB (3 years ago)
If I can back in time somehow... Great lovely song...
CarouselBlind (4 years ago)
reminds me of rugrats 
Michal Gonscak (4 years ago)
First 22 second is amazing
Rebecca G (5 years ago)
This song's writer is PhD at CMU, majoring in Computer Science. This is insane...
BananaBubbi (5 years ago)
Og præcis hvad mener du med "i burde flove her"?
ian rama (5 years ago)
his post was 1 year ago. what a pillock.
MardiiHD (5 years ago)
Syndt at så mange kommentere Dybvad til den her sang... I burde flove her.
eigirdas (5 years ago)
rlly ? i do listening this in 2013
kaka fafik (5 years ago)
Nikolai Molander (5 years ago)
the rest of the people is born after the 90's! so that is why this song only got 171.161 views!
kim callesen (5 years ago)
8 kan ik lig dybvad !!!!!!!!!!!
Nazrahnas (1 year ago)
Har du lært at stave endnu?
Hbue84 (5 years ago)
Dear timemachine, bring me back to the late 90s!
djhdtv (5 years ago)
nice song this music is brings back memories
IceMaNGoezWild (5 years ago)
I det mindste prøvede du.
Jakob Kjøgx Bohr (5 years ago)
dyp dyp
LightningSparrow (5 years ago)
Sangen er fantatisk, men det er Dybvad's skyld jeg er her!
kaka fafik (5 years ago)
Varnich1 (5 years ago)
Syntes helt ærligt at Dybvaaaaad sangen lyder bedre! :D
Dont Ban Nida (5 years ago)
navnetertobias (5 years ago)
Dybvaaaaad :)
Kristoffer Jonsson (5 years ago)
dyyb dyyb dybvad
Not sure you have enough dooh's
Rinto Babu (6 years ago)
fuck this is damn 2012
mark661 (6 years ago)
That's some fucked up seagulls you got over there then
MarcusTheDane (6 years ago)
this is danish fuck yeah denmark FTW !
Søren Pedersen (6 years ago)
what's up with the seagull-sound?
Wella (6 years ago)
no problem man. go dooh your dooh dooh dooh
Oscar WhatTheFck (6 years ago)
Thanks for the lyrics,now I can sing it :)
YesItsMe (6 years ago)
You forgot thoose "Dooh dooh dooooh dooh doooh dooh doh" in the end...xD
Rulle Kešetović (6 years ago)
(Y) <3
kaka fafik (6 years ago)
ClimbingCarrot (6 years ago)
classic ass motherfucking genius song fak me this shit is so fucking good im shitting bircks omg i lvoe this fucking shit how much is it fucking possible to love a song oh god damn bitches this is some fucking good shit going on right here! looong live DOOH!
Captain Noodle (6 years ago)
homer simpsons theme song lol
donteatbrownsnow (6 years ago)
only in the 90's
ukasz rogalski (6 years ago)
to była muzyka a nie to co teraz ochłapy niby dj
SaigaBR (6 years ago)
I love the part that he says dooh dooh dooh dooh dooh dooh
turbobuddah (6 years ago)
lyrics almost as deep as rhianna

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