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FIX: Windows 7 Fixes Load Driver & Missing CD/DVD drive device driver 2016 HD 1080p

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https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/22194 Download DRIVERS

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Text Comments (364)
Gen Adam (5 hours ago)
Is this work in amd user?
beep boop Beep (10 hours ago)
I did everything but still my hard drive isn't showing up why??
Naimur Rifat (8 days ago)
broo by following those steps... is it possible to setup??? Or is my hdd is formating?
BMO Chhuikhadan (10 days ago)
Same problem in hp desktop please solve it
Rajib 01770477222 (10 days ago)
Thank you so much...... bro
Ashok kumar (12 days ago)
What is the name of the file you type
The Bmw (18 days ago)
Not working
Kir (19 days ago)
no work1ng
Rajat Dhiman (27 days ago)
Not working
americo meneses (1 month ago)
On the way
Red Zone (1 month ago)
after starting windows my computer goes black screen..and when i am trying to install window on my pc it need cdvd drivers so what can i do.
spiritdesign "Donyell" (1 month ago)
broo I have a serious problem with my windows 7, I reinstalled usb drivers from device manager because a device that I plugged into my usb didn´t work. It didn´t fix my problem so I searched for more solutions and ended up messing around in my registry and now i can´t install all of my devices anymore. like even my keyboard mouse touchpad ect. can´t use them anymore. now my question: What do you think is the best now? should I reset my whole laptop ? any other solutions?
Mizio Tiger 123 (1 month ago)
Is there this for vista??
Mizio Tiger 123 (1 month ago)
Is there this for vista??
Randy 123 (1 month ago)
The hardware will format or no Pls answer
Gamerplush123 (1 month ago)
i have an amd hp computer so this does not work on amd pcs it only works on intel pc wheree is a fix for this for amd computers
RD Clan (1 month ago)
my computer dont show my usb drive when i browse
tomoko-nofake (1 month ago)
te la chupo wachin sabelo chiquita anie esta en el zotano.
Cxlo Gaming (2 months ago)
Not all hero's wear capes ! You have saved me so much hassle and are indeed my hero !
iZeuS - Fortnite (2 months ago)
17 sec intro nise
Subzero Seven (2 months ago)
what if my laptop is not booting anymore to go to the home screen what will i do?
w azali (2 months ago)
pls, im using acer laptop.i tried to use these drivers but not working.where should i download the driver for acer laptop?acer 5560G
Tanzil Ahsan (2 months ago)
if i use it, Will my hard drive erase??
Jaffy Maglinte (2 months ago)
Can I put the folder to my bootable usb and then I will locate it in installation? It's because I already clean my os in the cmd I cannot open to my os its already cleaneddl
Jaffy Maglinte (2 months ago)
it supprt to any motherboard?
Ruslan Lancs (2 months ago)
I had follow the step by step but failed of my PC
ColțAlb (2 months ago)
is any solution for a lenovo Y700?
Alejandro N. Scharle (2 months ago)
Really good job. It worked fine. Thank you.
Esam kareem (2 months ago)
I can use theirs for windows 8.1 ??
X Forever (2 months ago)
Tranks you 😎
ram sainadh (2 months ago)
does it work for x64 bit os
Anil jung magar (2 months ago)
what about cd instead of pen drive or usb
Conrad Hopkins (2 months ago)
didn't work. Still can't see the drive. It's formatted, the bios sees it, but it still doesn't show.
Meraz (3 months ago)
not working
Marcos Silva (3 months ago)
Does it work with CD?
Khalid Az (3 months ago)
bro kya hai SB drives ko format krde ga?
Sachin Patel (3 months ago)
Tamil Info world (3 months ago)
bro 32 bit not working
Hamou (3 months ago)
For me the drivers are not compatible , please help me .
Shahzaib Haider (3 months ago)
Download kysy krny hain files
الدون الدون (3 months ago)
هل هذه الملفات تنفع لهاردات ويسترن ديجيتال بجميع انواعها وخصوصا 250 جيجا ويسترن
Haddi Chela (3 months ago)
Nahi ho Raha hai
Ajay Sharma (3 months ago)
Bhaiya ji mere keyboard, mouse hang ho raha hai fir kya karu
catalin catalin (3 months ago)
are the drivers loaded if I only put executables on a stik? thx!
Năđer Kųñ (3 months ago)
it will kick my Data !!!?
Tech2Be Genius (3 months ago)
Not working in windows 10
AM C (24 days ago)
For Windows 10 what I have to install
Ziipp (1 month ago)
Is Windows 7 idiot
Captain Chopper (3 months ago)
Is this working with DVD's?
KANIRAJA C (3 months ago)
Thanks so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ⭐💯💯💯⭐ 💯⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐💯💯💯⭐ 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 ⭐💯💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐💯💯💯⭐ 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 ⭐💯💯💯⭐
Sachin Kumar (4 months ago)
Its still. No new devices drivers were found.
Emviks (4 months ago)
how do i get the amd?
Bengek 323 (4 months ago)
This is work when i use AMD?
Tanuj Solanki Tony (4 months ago)
No new driver were found . That message was showing
Tanuj Solanki Tony (4 months ago)
Not working
amir shahnawaz (3 months ago)
TøñY Hacker i
nic pouger (4 months ago)
Thank you Man, it worked like a charm
AMAN MALIK (4 months ago)
Can it's work on widows 10
Rahaman Shaik (4 months ago)
How to know the correct driver?? You selected 1 SATA among 10+, how to know the correct one for my laptop, please help me
Dj Teo (4 months ago)
When all its okay and pc got restarted i have to change bios to os? Cause its start again the windows installation
Dj Teo (4 months ago)
Man i wanna thank you so much you help full me! !!! Love you!!
Isaac Ortiz (4 months ago)
Que tal! espero te encuentres bien. Oye, ya le hice de todo a mi PC y no acepta ningún controlador. ¿Crees que haya otra solución? ¿O que podría ser? Esperare tu respuesta.. Gracias de antemano.
Jahn Cj (5 months ago)
I´ve been many hours searching for the solution, Thank you very much, you saved my life, Nice tutorial
Anand Mohan (5 months ago)
my board is of gigabyte so what driver should i download intel or gigabyte
Luke McDonald (5 months ago)
Get this software it automatically updates your drivers :D Comes with a working crack aswell https://mega.nz/#!1WQnwBja!rwrG6_Pe5KD5Qtkdu6rUMdPav-JIt537lU6OfiYFGTo
Anshuman Rathore (5 months ago)
Nhi aa raha he kuch bhi
gracias wn gracias manito love
Vinod Kumar (5 months ago)
Very nice
Mohd Shahbaz (5 months ago)
Bro even doing this it's not showing hard disk only showing the pen drive
CREEPER Minecraft (5 months ago)
bro ur one of the people sent by gods to help us
Evgeniy Shimchenok (5 months ago)
In BIOS disable USB 3.0 and you are good!
Aqib mirza (5 months ago)
SIR YE windows 10 main bhi chl sakta hai kya
cantor0305 (5 months ago)
it's works even on a 12 years old motherboard. thxs a lot !
jeni jeni (6 months ago)
super bro
Daniel Woods (6 months ago)
man... Get a mic you got a nice intro and all but it's not 2008
Indy Raats (6 months ago)
Varun Chaudhary (6 months ago)
No its not working plzzzz plzzzz help me
Varun Chaudhary (6 months ago)
No option seen after opening file
Marťon YouTube (6 months ago)
Robert Ryerson (6 months ago)
If you have not got windows how are you supposed to download anything. We dont all have two computers.
arun K (6 months ago)
Thank u so much it is really usefull
Jithin Johnson (6 months ago)
Thanks man it worked. For Win10 go to this website https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27400/Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Intel-RST-User-Interface-and-Driver?product=55005 And download the similar files and do the same. The third or second one in the list will bring back you HDD.
and amd ?
Viorel Rostas (7 months ago)
Thx !
DK games (7 months ago)
Aileen Grace Escartin (7 months ago)
Please help
Aileen Grace Escartin (7 months ago)
is it in separated usb flash drive or put it in my flash drive that contain my os installation for windows 7
Tech 382 (7 months ago)
its not working
Chindy Asitha (7 months ago)
why there is no driver
Durga R. Lilawat (7 months ago)
Please give link for AMD , i try lot of but not find .
Sepjo Wadada (7 months ago)
The Removable Disk F is also a bootable USB? Please i need a reply
Your presentation are too fast, hideously jumpy, and not very clear. I advice you to slow the fuck down and be more concise.
Burn Powerup (7 months ago)
does not work .When I selected the 4 driver or any other nothing happen it just scan and then the same problem that no drive were found
Unknown (7 months ago)
Hey bro, need ur help
Unik dan Nyata (7 months ago)
The easiest way no need to download driver at all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeasFZwV4KI
BD GAMER (8 months ago)
thnx bro💓👌
Express Remix (8 months ago)
CHRIS CRT (8 months ago)
This work for me..!Thanks man.!
Imran Khan (8 months ago)
wowo you did it thank you so much
Tech Talks' (8 months ago)
Same error come in installation of windows 10 as I have windows 7 pre-installed on my pc I want to update but this error come... Please help me
Naveen Gupta (8 months ago)
Bhai removable card show nai kar raha hai
LyricsXP (8 months ago)
The reason for that error is quite simpler. You must have plugged the windows 7 usb drive into a USB 3.0 port. Just change the port and recommence the installation process. I learnt this the hard way. Lost all me docs

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