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Barcode Brothers - Train

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A fated night... Really awesome trance music, strange video! I was bored.:)
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Text Comments (137)
Miss Solskin (2 months ago)
Johnny saksaa (6 months ago)
Best song ever... Think be tvine the lines 😉😶.
Kamil Czesiek (6 months ago)
Young kai tracid
Mario Lopez (7 months ago)
Ach.!! co to były za czasy...
Anna Pępiak (1 year ago)
Milion lat tego nie słyszałam! Co za czasy :) No i teledysk z Kai Tracid, matko ale jestem stara haha! :D
Peggy Bundy (1 year ago)
Przez 15 lat szukalam tego kawalka....
brih84 (1 year ago)
I wondered why I saw Kai Tracid when I went for Barcode Brothers... But just realised its the Kai Tracid - Life is to short music video :D
YT El GUERREROッ (1 year ago)
Esta nostálgica y chida
Krzysztof Sowa (1 year ago)
2:36 I close my eyes and I start feel my past, then I start dreaming about my future... THIS IS FUTURE IN THE PAST
Jacek (1 year ago)
Diogo Borges (1 year ago)
good song for sheldon(the big bang theory)
Morten Brenøe (1 year ago)
Barcode Brothers - Train (Music) Kai Tracid - Too Many Times (Video)
LitroVEVO (2 years ago)
I like Trains
The girl is so piff, gotta love the video for this track, the weird dancing, the DJ rocking his head awkwardly, great. Sad I was born late to enjoy this stuff back in the day.
Bratt (2 years ago)
Dobrze dobrany teledysk. Legendarny Kai Tracid
mazzpsykoziz (2 years ago)
I think I was 10 or something when this beat made my feet move for the first time. Then again, my memory is pretty hazy. I was just a kid though. Still the shit.
VHSKisten (2 years ago)
I have the original CD ripped in lossless flac, and this one is without doubt one of the best stomper tracks ever!!!! glowsticks, bøffelsåler, neon grønne bukser, vi er klar !
Lasse Nielsen (4 months ago)
VHSKisten hypetraxx : the dark side !!!!
Johnny saksaa (6 months ago)
VHSKisten præcis 😄😄
William Peng (1 year ago)
can I have the FLAC file plz
Thomas Kanstrup (2 years ago)
+VHSKisten Det er vi
TheLawdzoj82 (3 years ago)
Krzysztof Sowa (3 years ago)
No to lecimy!!!! ale to były czasy heh
Jacek (1 year ago)
Bart Simpson (1 year ago)
ano :-)
Adrian raQ (3 years ago)
PKP !!!
CasperJ (1 year ago)
Dawid Szymkowiak (3 years ago)
ten years i looked for that and today i have no idea how i just found HAAAAPPY
JRJ O (3 years ago)
Phat tune.
DJHexan CHANEL (3 years ago)
Stary dobry (E)kwador
Piotr Czerbniak (3 years ago)
O 13 przyjadę na zajęcia. Kończę 16.30. W piątek też nie przyjdę. Przepraszam.
Terry UncleTel (3 years ago)
Stonkin tune. cool.
zappzoe (4 years ago)
huh can't watch it on my cellphone why not? :/
Christian Bertelsen (4 years ago)
the video is Kai Tracid is this a mix or what???
FLProducer (3 years ago)
+twoja stara  Actually it's Suicide and it's about kai's sister who overdosed on ecstasy 
Karol Unitra (3 years ago)
This video is Kai Tracid - To many Times
Damian Baucz (4 years ago)
super ino ucieg mi ten pociag
johny b (4 years ago)
back for the future...still remember it!!!
dvdvideo1234 (4 years ago)
Maglev !
Marcus Munk (4 years ago)
memeries :')
Karol Gorniaczyk (4 years ago)
i nadal słucham daje rade..
Lord Callejon (1 month ago)
Karol Gorniaczyk do końca będzie dawać mistrzostwo bez dyskusji
Karol Gorniaczyk (4 years ago)
daje rade i da..
iwett21 (4 years ago)
zapomniałam o tym utworze .... jak miło sobie przypomnieć
Karol Gorniaczyk (4 years ago)
stary ale jary
Abel VAZQUEZ LUNA (4 years ago)
buena rola para bailar.........ta chida
niculae george (4 years ago)
Karol Gorniaczyk (4 years ago)
opóżniony to nie był
Sandrude Mannstorm (4 years ago)
Train delayed? 
afrika bombata (4 years ago)
ta bana sie nigdy nie zatrzymuje
Karol Gorniaczyk (4 years ago)
cobra 2001/2002 najlepszy muz który mam z tych lat moich lat
Thomas Kanstrup (5 years ago)
Det var sgu tider på IN til kl 10-11 stykker, shit
Lutz Mowinski (5 years ago)
The song is great, but remixing it with a video from Kai Tracid's "Trance & Acid" ? I dunno :P
theRickNossi (5 years ago)
izuniapiotr (5 years ago)
31.12.2000 my and four of my best friends we ate Marilyn Monroe 800 and this song was the most played track in hi-fi of that night. Next day I took a bath I closed my eyes, I dipped my head in the water and I still heard that music in my ears. That was my best new year eve in my live because of this track. It was epic night. Greetings from Poland mate!.
Jesper Schramm (5 years ago)
Tag mig tilbage til IN, bare for en aften...
przemek pawlowski (5 years ago)
sliczna nutka prawdziwy kawalek switnej muzyczki
superdog619 (6 years ago)
Necro von Cortex (6 years ago)
best song ever.
ytuser3294190250 (6 years ago)
nielsf (6 years ago)
0:49 that mischievous smile is kinda hot lol.
Mordrax (6 years ago)
to ma kopa jop teoja mać niezły bas manolo
exshit82 (6 years ago)
@turbocica77 Juj de beletaláltál!:) Amúgy a kérdés jogos, de ne keress ésszerű magyarázatot. Ezt hívják alkotói szabadságnak...:D Talán úgy éreztem, ez a Kai Tracid videó hangulatában vág kicsit ehhez a számhoz. A videó amúgy nem egy az egyben a Too Many Times klipje. Több helyen meg van vágva, és úgy van összerakva. hogy a zenéhez nagyjából passzoljon. Ja és az elejében van egy kis Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue) is, szintén Kai Tracidtól.
turbocica77 (6 years ago)
na ne! ez Kai Tracid zenéjének a klipje ... to many time, hogy került ez ide?
dumbdumb306 (6 years ago)
ahhhh i wanna do some acid and blast this song on my steroes
dumbdumb306 (6 years ago)
this song is so fucking sick i loveit i listen to it everytime im on youtube!!!!
Marek Karwatowicz (6 years ago)
Martin Hansen (7 years ago)
Good old daysssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE!!!!
suskirk (7 years ago)
old school !! :D
tomasz wienskiel (7 years ago)
Train Rullezzz
discipline4boys (7 years ago)
Interlude is wonderful 2:25 /2:51 OK ,for most people is this a classic I discovered it a week ago So for me this is brand new !!! LOL Thank for the upload (3 years ago ) ;-p
Łukasz Bil (7 years ago)
suuuuuper :)to było dawno temu......
NotedAngellover (7 years ago)
@uvagasan The vid might be, but the track is Barcode Bros - Train.
exshit82 (7 years ago)
@TheNexzy Yes! :D
TheNexzy (7 years ago)
@stelabonga Det gør det nemlig! :D
Migule lopez (7 years ago)
OMG! 2.25
zukdrawsko (8 years ago)
jakeov (8 years ago)
KAI TRACID! too many times video. If yr gonna use other ppls videos why not be more creative and put together parts from different videos.
Rex1987 (8 years ago)
yeah you got so bored you just happen to take a professionally made video for kai tracid - start being creative and make your own video instead of just taking others!
Jonas Eriksen (8 years ago)
This song + cs 1.3 de_train = WIN
NegerKim (8 years ago)
rofl, nice BS post...
Nicholas Knudstrup (8 years ago)
This was my favourite song like 10 years ago, I don't remember how long ago it was, but when it was released!
Saddutchman (8 years ago)
just FYI, this isn't trance, this is shuffle breakdance
Kent Pomares (9 years ago)
Nothing like european style!
ShAKAL8 (9 years ago)
it's not original vid -,- klasyk ;-)
SoulCollector12 (9 years ago)
Hey!! the videos is from Too many times by Kai Tracid. Anyway awesome music!!!
letdemindbefree (9 years ago)
Good song...damn good!!Good old times......
massacra12345 (9 years ago)
a jakim programem pobierasz??? ja używam save2pc pro
AsifIcarebear3 (9 years ago)
Listen closely in the start. It has a steam-train like sound.
Freemancos (9 years ago)
Where is the train? :(
Alexander B. (9 years ago)
the train sounds are the essence of the song
massacra12345 (9 years ago)
Kurwa nie kumam tego ktoś pisze "znalazłem!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D" pewnie chodzi oto że tą piosenkę a wy mu dajecie minus!? Idioci odemnie masz plusa
Annumaria (9 years ago)
like the song but the video is confusing
Robert Schneider (9 years ago)
This video is from Kai Tracid- Too Many Times
TheDazzledLynx (9 years ago)
It's hard to tell, if you don't know, that video and music is not from the same artist. Great song, and very nice editing. :) Is there even a music video to BB's - Train ?
Rui Couto (9 years ago)
the song is decent but the video sends out a great msg
AKK1980 (9 years ago)
Have had many great moments listening to this song. Thanx exshit82.
matt2house (9 years ago)
lol it dont sound all that bad but I do admit the clip is good
DjAlmend (9 years ago)
it means suck dick.... great post though
kusslu (9 years ago)
very nice song indeed
exshit82 (9 years ago)
Pusi kurac?
chuck norris (9 years ago)
pretty nice song
exshit82 (9 years ago)
Yes. I think I know...;) Thanks! Otherwise the first 5 sec and 0:21 to 0:36 in the video are not from Too Many Times. Those parts are cutted from Kai Tracid - Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue).
exshit82 (9 years ago)
No, this is a Barcode Brothers song, and after some editing, i put the video of Kai Tracid's Too Many Times under the track.
relikt55 (9 years ago)
nice ****
Zachry86 (9 years ago)
Isnt this track released under the Kai Tracid name? Or is it just the video from too many times?
exshit82 (9 years ago)
I think she died... But it's not reality, just a crafted video.:) Of course...
Senrence (9 years ago)
This video was awesome for this track! <3
exshit82 (10 years ago)
Yes, i know. And where is the problem?:)
exshit82 (10 years ago)
Nagyon jól látod. Tökéletesen igazad van...:)

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