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9 Life hacks with a Power drill | Diffrent ways to use your drill | Life Hack Tools

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9 Life hacks with a Power drill tool, this video shows how you can use (plz don´t) a power drill in different ways. CAUTION! Power drill´s are not meant to be used this way so please be careful! I take no responsibility for injuries casued by this video! And kids don´t try this at home! Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/radomizeme Caution ! Be careful and do not repeat this at home, i take no responsibility for your actions this is just for entertainment.

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Text Comments (44)
Aditya Goyal (4 months ago)
Pagel ideot
100PercentOS2 (10 months ago)
Disappointed.  I was hoping you had a hack so a screw gun can be used as a router.
axtra92 (1 year ago)
Is this a joke?
Jeremian Lastly (1 year ago)
Sorry dude. This video was completely useless.
Jeremian Lastly (1 year ago)
Uh... for the first one... you know they make those for drills right? You don't have to fucking hacksaw a tool to pieces lol. Jussayin.
JTheGuitarPlayer (1 year ago)
Go to harbor freight and buy a proper socket adapter for hack 1. that smooth round surface will slip inside the drill chuck no matter how much you tighten it. That will create burs which hurt like hell and are damn near impossible to remove from your hand without a scalpal. -I just use a razor blade.
Daniel Arechiga (1 year ago)
JTheGuitarPlayer ha ha
Randomize Me (1 year ago)
Thank you!
New Account (1 year ago)
if I ever caught my wife wasting my battery on a fucking egg white id flip the fug out.....not say o my what an idea makin head you have......
Reno Rock (1 year ago)
Hey New Account ! Buy a drill you can recharge. Where in hell did you find a drill that runs on batteries from the dollar store ? Flipping the " F U G " out seems to be your big man thing to do. I bet you don't even have a wife. And I bet you don't realize that you must have T L M S. ( The Little Man Syndrome ). I bet you look like little Shirley Temple stomping around with your bottom lip stuck out. Because someone used you cheap ass drill. Ha HA HA HA. Good luck loser.
New Account (1 year ago)
love how you toss the shit on the table and walk away like some sort of genius you ass
New Account (1 year ago)
randomize me......you tard! id like to randomize my foot up your ass....this is all......f this shyt
Randomize Me (1 year ago)
Tariq Mehmood (1 year ago)
scc void
Viren Tiwari (1 year ago)
kya bakwaas hai ye, kuchh bhi
vito giglio (1 year ago)
Jacobsen1450 (1 year ago)
im only 12 and mt grandfather bought me a 1/2hp 1/2inch chuck with key for my wood shop.
rayan michel (1 year ago)
USEE TTТТHIS--> https://twitter.com/d90312c357dda93b7/status/754955443043045376 IТ IS THЕ WORKING Archeeeage Hack ТOОL ТHАТ WORКS! ENJOY! 9 Lifе hасks with а Роwer drill Diffrеnt waуs tо usе ууyoоооur drill Life Hаck Tools
Randomize Me (1 year ago)
Take very good care of a grandfather like that!
Ngai Shek (1 year ago)
interesting how stupid to use the drill
wojtaswrr (1 year ago)
co za idjota, zepsuł pokrętło do kluczy choć można kupić gotowe końcówki do kluczy nasadowych 1/4" 3/4" 1/2" z sześciokrotnym koncem. powinien walnąć się wkrętarką w swój pusty łeb
patrick mcglone (1 year ago)
that's 5:40 I'll never get back!
ryan hawkins (1 year ago)
hack 1 one is a good idea but you need to grind to or three sides off so the drill chuck can grip it they are not really hacks though
Terrence Timihou (1 year ago)
I fоund this аwеsооооmе аll in onе сhеeeеаt fоr Аrchеаgее :) https://twitter.com/abccb6d31e7d89757/status/754955443043045376 9 Lifе hасks with а РРоwеr drill Diffrent wауs tо usе your drill Life Haaасk Toоls
Randomize Me (1 year ago)
Glad you liked it! Yeah that would be very good improvement. I agree some are maybe more "Tips & Tricks"
Hack #1 is not for lazy people it provides you with lots of tork
+Randomize Me hack #1 is a great idea if you need a bolt driver for your drill in a hurry the reason why I dislike it is because I fell it is a waist of a hand driver. I thing hack #8 is good for removing a screw that's head is above the wood and striped.and I do not like hack #7 simply because I never had a good experience with that hack.just wanted to explain why I was so negative good creativity with tools.
Randomize Me (1 year ago)
Yeah that is true, but sometimes you might not find the bits needed and have to secure something nr 7 might just help then.
hack 1. But the correct 3/8 Driver bit.
G R (1 year ago)
Lighten up on the music???????????????
[pissgoat] (2 years ago)
#1 is not a hack thats a norMAL FUCKING USE FOR A DRILL
Dennis Taylor (1 year ago)
IMHO, none of these are hacks. You can buy attachments to do ANY of these.
Brett Dwigans (2 years ago)
you realize that they do make a bit to adapt sockets to drills right 😕
Dennis Taylor (1 year ago)
Again, that's ridiculous. You didn't improve anything! You cut the socket driver apart rendering it useless. You didn't add any value to the drill, as this is a part of it's normal use. This is like saying that if I tear my car apart, which works as it is supposed to, in order to make a stand for a bird cage, that that's a "hack". If what I need, the bird cage stand, exists, I didn't "improve" anything. If, as you stated above, the socket and screw driver bits "always seem to be missing" from the sets you buy, either you are buying the wrong sets or you need to pay more attention when buying your tools. There is a saying that goes, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should". In my opinion, there is nothing you can say or do to convince anybody with with a rudimentary knowledge of tools that any of these are legitimate hacks.
Randomize Me (1 year ago)
I´d say improving a tool ;)
ltukis (2 years ago)
juseschrustfush (6 months ago)
Okay, iselles. For you, 50 dollars
ryan hawkins (1 year ago)
emmams5 (2 years ago)
What does uselles mean?

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