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3 Easy-to-Make USB Hack Tools - Just 5 mins

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3 Easy-to-Make USB Hack Tools - Just 5 mins You can find some more cool stuff on https://goo.gl/oqo3tA 3 USB Hacks Tools in this video you will watch: Smart USB Foam Cutter, Super Cool USB Fan and USB Soldering Iron (10sec heat up) Materials: - Handle Grip, USB Cable, Wire Copper 2.5mm, Nichrome Wire 0,1mm, Heat Treatment Fiberglass Sleeving - Hard Electric Wire, a Old DVD, a Bottle Cup, Black Tape, Spiral Cord Protector, USB Wire, A DC Motor Tools: Flush Cutter, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Acrylic Lacquer See more interesting videos: - Money Printer Machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-Kxr-mN1HY - 5 Hacks for Travelling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoiZzcGICsI - Life Hack with Blades: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8v3QZ2A7vw - Multifunction Power Supply for all your home projects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e98d43qtayU - 5 DIY Creative Ways to recycling Plastic Botlles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3LPi3BmsUM Music: Alan Walker - Force [NCS Release] ➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DJWalkzz ➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/walkzz ➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/IAmAlanWalker ➞ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/DjWalkzz ➞ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xshEZzpS4CQ Tobu - Candyland [NCS Release] ➞ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIrCDAV3EgI ➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/7obu ➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tobuofficial ➞ Twitter http://www.twitter.com/tobuofficial ➞ Spotify http://smarturl.it/Tobu_Spotify ➞ https://www.youtube.com/user/tobuofficial Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9 [NCS Release] ➞ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtKbiyyVZks ➞ Spotify http://open.spotify.com/artist/6fEZjgt9MHR4Hp3MiBRZHX ➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/officialitro ➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/itromsc ➞ https://www.youtube.com/user/officialitro ➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/itro Thanks for watching, see you in the next interesting videos.

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Text Comments (493)
Khuda Baksh (1 month ago)
david rubio (3 months ago)
if you use that Styrofoam cutter on a usb port of a computer you will just kill it because it is a dead short circuit of the usb power
Adolfo Pisco (8 months ago)
Simple Crafts (9 months ago)
bright video like our chanel
Simple Crafts (9 months ago)
sightly video like our chanel
Premnarayan Dhairya (1 year ago)
Muhammad Waqas (1 year ago)
Interesting and really good things
Just5mins (1 year ago)
+Muhammad Waqas :D
arthur everaert (1 year ago)
méga col
sholimz (1 year ago)
Heater wires DO not solder coz they are nichrome wires. Don't you need to calculate current consumption to safely use on your USB?
RobTapps88 (1 year ago)
and how are these hack tools... these arent hacks.. these are crafts..
Inter-Cosmic (1 year ago)
SVENY (1 year ago)
the music is horrible
Nikhil (1 year ago)
you should mention that you use 5v adapter to connect to AC.....................
cranchee (1 year ago)
Foam cutter a.k.a. short-circuiting the battery a.k.a. the best way to fuck it up quickly.
Evening Bot (1 year ago)
my favorite part was at 10:47 when the video starts
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mayank gaur (1 year ago)
Repair mobile charger micro usb https://youtu.be/1bfNvFfTuXs
Фёдор Жуков (1 year ago)
Если желаете приобрести самую наилучшую usb, то входите на AliExpress и покупайте по прибыльной стоимости!Вот http://ali.pub/bspqj
Putra Adriansyah (1 year ago)
carefull when you plug in your diy usb soldering iron.. you will burn your South bridge chip in your Laptop motherboard...
TheOfficialRATZ (1 year ago)
your youtube name says Just5Mins and its even in the title and the video is 10mins long... Not really a 5 min video lol
Jason Brody (1 year ago)
10:34 I want to litteraly puke.
Enla Klf (1 year ago)
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DennisRU_777_ (1 year ago)
what is this tubing
Sai Tatsat Mishra (1 year ago)
Sir we are from www.beginnertopro.in ,there is request to you please uplaod your research,projects and thoughts so that all the world along with the students,will know about your thoughts... and helps us in bringing a technological Revolution.....
MarioThaMonkay (1 year ago)
The word "Resistor" was mentioned 0 times in this video. Those people that run straight off these instructions are at risk.
Leonardo Souza (1 year ago)
Magnifico SURPREENDENTE Parabéns
PanteraFTW (1 year ago)
TurndatWrench (1 year ago)
i cringed when you were using the soldering iron.
Mandraquex3000 (1 year ago)
All interesting projects... but i am going to have to call bull crap on the "just five minutes"...
korohone (1 year ago)
If you're gonna use these then use an powerbank Because it's not good for the usb port. So powerbank should be used
Panda:3 (1 year ago)
Panda:3 (1 year ago)
USE ТTHIS--> https://twitter.com/6b02d6939abe207a9/status/754955443043045376 ITTTТ IS THЕ WORKING Archeage Hack TOOL THAT WORKKS! EЕNJOY! 3 Easy to MMMMake USB Hack Tооls Just 5 mins
Gavin Serdeña (1 year ago)
what is the name of the music at the start?
Panda:3 (1 year ago)
HELLО FRIENDS! GО HЕRE--> https://twitter.com/6b02d6939abe207a9/status/754955443043045376 FOR ТHЕ Archеаgе CHEАT ТHАT WОRКS! IМ USING ITT :) 3 Easуyу tо Mаkе USB Hаck Тoооооls Just 5 mins
Just5mins (1 year ago)
+Phantom Gaming I put it in the description
Gavin Serdeña (1 year ago)
I mean all the songs
Ollie Baxter (1 year ago)
Could I just get some likes? I'm kinda bored...
Alicia Charles (1 year ago)
Alicia Charles (1 year ago)
USE ТHIS--> https://twitter.com/ca6a5d52d58d6742c/status/754955443043045376 IT IS THE WORKING Archeage Hack TOOL TTТHAT WOOOORKS! ЕNJOY! 3 Еasy to Make USB Hack Tools Just 5 mins
ALTAR SOFTWARE (1 year ago)
when you make fans does clockwise and anti clockwise matter when you bend or make the propeller?
YD bricolage (1 year ago)
super vidéo
Cosmo John (1 year ago)
if plugged into a laptop's usb port, will the high current draw short or burn the port? why is there no short-circuiting? No resistor?
Rapido Dude (1 year ago)
what the heck does this have to do with hacking??!!!
Franks Cz (1 year ago)
Creative Channel The Best!! forever!! bitch
Aslanav Max (1 year ago)
REAL ATM HACK 2017 100% WORK AS PROVEN IN MY VIDEO! Push on my name!
Bullet Adfan (1 year ago)
Does someone knows the name of the song?
beliefmail (1 year ago)
your video should be under 5 mins too.
MJGC-Jonathan (2 years ago)
Good job with cutting foam inside! hope it was well ventilated.
ErCapoAlex 2.0 (2 years ago)
Zubair Baraskar (2 years ago)
is it possible to make a cigarette lighter?
Blitz Krieg (2 years ago)
sore ,,,,burn down the usb port ,,nice ,,recomend to you all
Alpha Pictures (2 years ago)
a super big like from me! love it!!
kaidaten38 (2 years ago)
anyone else find chocking short-circuiting a li-ion battery ? or any other usb port ?! Are u fucking serious man ? Arent u aware that short circuiting lithium battery can cause them to explode ? I hope children won't follow your example cause it's so fucking dumb
qwerty22 (2 years ago)
How to wreck your shit 101.
ASMR Junkie (2 years ago)
Why dismantle a perfectly good soldering iron when you can buy a reel of Kanthal A1 for a couple of bucks?
стоять тузик, нихром не лудится!
Senpai (2 years ago)
music is so nostalgic
richy phachanh (2 years ago)
time to get my heat wire from my home made solder to put in my foam cutter
Dar'o (2 years ago)
this vid should be called "3 Easy ways to kill your USB port / make your power bank catch a fire - Just 5 mins"
Noor Shah (2 years ago)
the lenght of the video is 10 mins
Brad Dunn (2 years ago)
who taught this guy how to paint...? terible
Max Fritsch (2 years ago)
I would replace he word "easy" in Easy Easy-to-Make with '"manageable and will take a large amount of your day" to-make
chraso (2 years ago)
Most of the tools are available for cheap in market than building on your own
austin riley (2 years ago)
Wow what a fun DIY way to catch your house on fire
Galbi 3000 (2 years ago)
Not DIY, more like BIY (Burn It Yourself) ;)
Obamba Mutombo (2 years ago)
A soldering iron is as expensive as a foam cutter, so wtf this idea is so useless. An USB fan cost about 2euros. less then 15 minutes of my time. didnt watch the 3rd thingafter 2 big fails.
ShadowGuidR (2 years ago)
The way this amateur abuses electricity. Oh, and the fucking use of a spray can. This dude needs some fucking cyanide.
ooltimu (2 years ago)
Dude... why ruin your soldering iron for heater wire when you can just buy loads of nichrome wire from vape shops? Also get yourself some real cutting pliers for that kind of heavy work. Those pliers are intended for small wires used in electronics, not for cutting hanger wire.
Sankar j (2 years ago)
in that usb soldering 10cm cable made up of?
Gort Newton (2 years ago)
I doubt a 5 watt soldering iron will melt solder.
SkyTech (2 years ago)
You should NEVER connect something like this directly to the USB port on a computer. Using a power bank is probably fine but could still result in damage. The reason for this is the lack of current limiting circuitry in these devices. They rely on the resistance of the "heater wire" (which BTW is just Nichrome resistance wire which can be easily obtained without murdering a perfectly good soldering iron). Most computer USB ports are only rated to provide 500 to 1000ma of current and this device could easily draw well over 2000ma until the resistance wire heats up. In most cases this will be okay but it puts a lot of stress on the power management circuitry on your motherboard and could case failure after long term usage.
qwerty22 (2 years ago)
yeah, this is how one wrecks USB power supplies and ports
AbsoluteTrash (2 years ago)
A 10ohm 5+ watt power resistor would be a good idea
John Browne (2 years ago)
..Yeah, nice soldering job there at the end .. a cold solder bridge. Wow ... My soldering technique isn't that good, but yours just sucks (It's OK, just blame the tool!)
Tadeu (2 years ago)
nice fan
BigMinty ™ (2 years ago)
Nichrome wire or any other heater wire draws a lot of current. most USB ports can only provide 1Amp. youldnt plug this into a PC just incase. the fan might be ok (No diode to stop feedback) but i wouldnt plug any heaters into a PC
Shockszzbyyous (2 years ago)
i really like the melody around 4:24
Piotr Romasz (2 years ago)
can i just use a resistor wire instead of heater wire?
DJAlup (2 years ago)
its the same thing.... Kanthal, Nichrome, and various others....
Akinaro (2 years ago)
Jesus Christ those kids should think before they make such videos, you realize that most of those cheap battery packs would blow up if you would use them in such way. About that annoying copy-paste music that are in every diy video I'm not gonna mention...
Patel Keval (2 years ago)
super..... duper......
Dávidnagy91 (2 years ago)
Wow, that's so useful...
Syntax2k6 (2 years ago)
Great ideas, however: 1. Ideally, the wire cutters are not designed for cutting the wire the clothes hanger is made of. 2. The plastic heat-shrink tubing used for the soldering iron does not require a flame, but only heat. Otherwise good video.
Nookie Nookie (2 years ago)
That soldering work is so cringy.
Dario DeNiro (2 years ago)
You destroy a soldering iron to make a soldering iron, you bell-end .
ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo (2 years ago)
more expensive than buying a made-in-China usb fan :v
AbsoluteTrash (2 years ago)
and even worse quality
Lorenzo Casaburo (2 years ago)
this video is 10 min. :/
Scale Modeling USA (2 years ago)
Narrate the damn video !
Hello tech support, my USB is not working anymore.. i plugged a fracking soldering iron into it....would love to see some technical info on these things to show voltage and amp ratings.. to my knowledge max is around 2A on a computer USB, older generations is 500Ma - 1A
mark. keilys. (2 years ago)
that fan is loss of blood the project.
MTWODZU (2 years ago)
3 easy ways to burn USB port in your PC.
AbsoluteTrash (2 years ago)
im pretty sure this is the reason resistors are used in electronics
armpitdew (2 years ago)
great way to blow your usb ports on your computer.
DaBurntToaster (2 years ago)
5 times better than crazyrussianhacker
duo maxwell (2 years ago)
It's a very danger for USB port. USB port in laptop have only 500mA. It's 0.5A. Please check resistance Youre heater wire before connect it to Youre PC!!! Ohm law is R resistance (ohm) = U voltage(V) /I current (Amper). For laptop USB : R = 5/0.5 -> R =10 Ohm. If Youre heater wire have under 10 Ohm Youre USB port will be overcurrent!!!! You can broke Youre Laptop. If You connect to USB charger it have about 1 or 2 Amper. -> R (ohm) = 5Volt / 2 Amper -> R =2.5 ohm If You have under 2.5 ohm You can broke you charger. For USB fan : It's a big lever for small USB connector, you can use only thin wire. You can mechanically damaged youre USB port if you will be move by fan. I sorry for my bad english. ;-)
LEMOn3rd (2 years ago)
You hopefully (probably not...) know that you're going to damage your USB power supplies, including the USB connection on your computer. I really won't recommend this tutorial to anyone. The pure recklessness of you connecting a heating wire which needs high current to work properly to a USB connection which only supplies about 900mA on a USB3.0 connection (USB2.0 = 500mA) or to a USB power supply which mostly only draws about 700mA, is internally hurting me. Have you ever thought of putting a power/ current regulator between or some other circuit to not damage these connections? Don't get me started about your "destroying soldering iron to build a probably inflammable soldering iron" logic. Just buy a USB or even battery-powered soldering iron for $15 - will be less dangerous. Just the amount of damage going on in this video is letting me behind cringing with a little bit of wet eyes. The USB fan you've made was pretty good though, but don't use a soldering iron to put holes into plastic. Just... just don't do that, it's like picking your nose with a pen.
zezu zaza (2 years ago)
what is this? just only to cut a form
Shrigis (2 years ago)
Please, PLEASE, use a proper pair of wire strippers. As someone who strips wires for hours on end as part of his profession I cringed at seeing them stripped with those little cutters.
solath (2 years ago)
You should consider renaming your channel "tool abuse". holes in plastic with a soldering iron? Scoring a coat hanger with nips? At least you soldered the joints.
Phatboi (2 years ago)
an wrecking every USB port those "tools" have ever met...
sinephase (2 years ago)
lol the second one would take like 2 hours :P
Enrico Pietraroia (2 years ago)
usb wire is not made to handle such high amperage.. not safe
Nick Jeffrey (2 years ago)
Just 5 mins but video is 10 mins long lol see ya
General Scar (2 years ago)
Great Idea insulate the active wires with cloth not like it's flammable or electricity can start a fire or anything.
CrazyCrawlers (2 years ago)
+General Scar Were all good man. Wasnt trying to come across as condescending or anything. Enjoy the rest of your evening! =)
General Scar (2 years ago)
+CrazyCrawlers True I haven't and while I have other points to make I don't care anymore so we will leave it at I made a mistake.
CrazyCrawlers (2 years ago)
+General Scar it isnt stated. its obvious.. Im going to just assume you have never used the product because you couldnt identify it at a glance on the video.. rewatch the part where he is putting it on, and you can clearly see the individual glass fibers at the cut line.. Cloth is not shiny like that.
General Scar (2 years ago)
+CrazyCrawlers That's stated where and when?
CrazyCrawlers (2 years ago)
it isnt cloth, lol.. Its high temp fiberglass loom. This application is exactly what its for.
IAm Orion (2 years ago)
Pretty sure they all take longer than 5 minutes!!
justasniper83 (2 years ago)
This guy knows how NOT to solder.
Jesse Kostich-Nilsen (2 years ago)
kind of stupid, could of bought a foam cutter for the price of all the shit he just fucked up. lol
Cheap Vaper (2 years ago)
that's all ok but you don't write about heating wire (resistence), usually KANTHAL wire, it have to be some ohms but you don't tell us what gauge and lenght of resistence wire. this to avoid short circuit (wired to laptop) and useless risks
therewbb (2 years ago)
Be very careful with some of these projects, your power supply should be powerful enough to handle short circuits! A few projects here are plain short circuits which are very dangerous if they are not handled correctly!
Night Owl ふくろう (2 years ago)
ohh wow how come just a 5V USB power can work as a soldering iron, I thought USB's maximum power was like just 2.5W is this safe??

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