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Angle Grinder Hack || Make Drill Bit Sharpner Tools

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Hello Friends, Today I Show You How To Make Drill Bit Sharpner Using Angle Grinder. I Hope You Enjoy This Video. If You Like It Then Click On Like And Also Subscribe My Channel For More New Videos. Visit My Official Website :- http://www.mistrymaketool.com Thanks For Watching.. Hit Like & Subscribe Button • Track Info: Title: Jupiter One Artist: Riot Genre: Rock Mood: Dark Download: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/...

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Text Comments (112)
Молодец!!! Супер!!!
ניצן פורת (3 days ago)
Ajay Yadav (7 days ago)
WV591 (13 days ago)
nice jig.tu
Włodzimierz Kutryś (14 days ago)
kul3 kul3 (23 days ago)
that is not how you sharpen a drill bit
just an engineer (2 days ago)
I agree. And you do a better job just by hands without this kind of drill holder. Even this type of factory-made sharpening jigs are toys.   If you want to sharp a drill bit with precision the best jig on the market is probably the Tormek DBS-22. Of course it costs about $ 200, but it does the job with the same precision as a $ 2000 professional sharpening machine, if you are careful when you use it.
ivan mc (23 days ago)
I like that your creative but why just not use a bench grinder
Jason Voorhees (24 days ago)
Or you could know how to use an angle grinder in the first place.
Jason Voorhees (24 days ago)
Or you could get a fucking bench grinder.
Yasser Adly (30 days ago)
Good idea
Pana Rayado (2 months ago)
Esa broca no cortara esta mal afilada aunque sea más rápido solo sería una guía, el gavilán esta por debajo de la altura que debe tener
Waqar Mughal (2 months ago)
good job
eduardo dorna (2 months ago)
Está mal afilada. El lado de corte es más bajo que el que no corta
TheMRSTEVEN (2 months ago)
Put the grinder in a vice, tighten till you here the crack then back off 1/4 of a turn.
Santhosh Kumar (2 months ago)
Ithuku.kayela.pudichu easy ah panitu poiralam
ER1775 (2 months ago)
Rajesh Makwana (3 months ago)
Good.. Very good
Rajesh Makwana (3 months ago)
Prakash Shobha (3 months ago)
John Iudice (3 months ago)
That drill is incorrectly sharpened the heal needs to be lower than the leading edge.
EDIR RESENDE (3 months ago)
nota 100000
Irmao Edson Irmão (3 months ago)
Parabéns Amigo pela criatividade nota des Deus te Abençoe
Андрей Ф (3 months ago)
Задний угол у сверла обязан быть негативный, а у него вышел нулевым, этак он будет скрести по поверхности и нагревать сверло
Tarkeshwar Roy (3 months ago)
good idea bro..
Rob Ram (3 months ago)
that's great ! what's the angle for the bits? 20 % 25%?
just an engineer (2 days ago)
That's too much. The best clearance angle for the cutting edge of small bits (3-6mm or 1/8-1/4") for soft materials is 14 degrees and for harder steel 11 degrees. For 6-12mm or 1/4 to 1/2" bits it's 11 and 9 degrees and for larger bits 9 and 7 degrees.
iank muin (4 months ago)
Zendail (4 months ago)
Nivaldo Batista (4 months ago)
Muito bom vou fazer um.
Graham Dawes (4 months ago)
You have a negative rake angle on that dril, you would need th change the angles of the holes in the piece o round wood
Ferenc+ (4 months ago)
For a little money you can get a GOOD machine that can really be used.
Ferenc+ (4 months ago)
The cutting edge is lower.
Ferenc+ (4 months ago)
Not good. You have to learn to grind it by hand!
brandon cohen (4 months ago)
Bro, you ever heard of a drill dr? They're like $60
Chris Kureth (4 months ago)
if thats a diamond disc, then you should pick another one. Steel and Diamond causes to fuse together under Pressure and heat. that process is called diffusion. the same reason why you should never grind aluminium with an aluminium oxide disc.
tsfcancerman (4 months ago)
There is a reason why you dont hold the angle grinder upside down like this, you could just as easy have mounted it the right way with disk opposite way and it would be alot safer.
WRF USINAGENS (4 months ago)
Parabens pela idéa. Muito criativo, da uma olhada no meu canal e se inscreva também.
mcorrade (4 months ago)
nicely done!
nhoj557 (4 months ago)
The way that is sharpened it will not drill. Back and trailing edge is higher than the front edge
Colin Askey (5 months ago)
a very neat and inexpensive drill bit sharpening rig,it looked like it did the job spot on,well worth my thumbs up
Drago Granić (5 months ago)
that was not good that drill bit will just squeak and wont do the job the angle was not good
بندر عبيد (5 months ago)
The angle of sharpening should be 59
Jay Saenz (5 months ago)
Nice but to much work for such a simple thing
Libaan Mohamed (5 months ago)
Super voice Hack tv
Libaan Mohamed (5 months ago)
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bennockley (5 months ago)
Great vid, appreciate your effort, background music was great, thanks
ernestusilgrande (5 months ago)
good job bravo
Edgar Salgado (5 months ago)
ima piledriver (5 months ago)
use the grinder to grove the board
Tandemwings (5 months ago)
no, No, NO! That can NOT work. What a waste of life.
Fill Filosof (5 months ago)
Инструмент имеет пункт быть! Но мне показалось у затачиваемого сверла пятка чуток выше режущей кромки?!
Duratec Mike (5 months ago)
Stupid! :-D ...vzdyt je to pod uhel ..prace k hovnu :-D
EDIR RESENDE (5 months ago)
grande ideia gostei vou tentar fazer desse tipo, obg
Dra Kula Imre (5 months ago)
Elég szar.
Faslan Mohammed (5 months ago)
✋ 👍👌
احمد احمد (5 months ago)
Greg Haddock (5 months ago)
Just buy a quality sharpener! 👎 You have no way of determining the sharpener angle! Going to have issues if you do this!
толян фишер (5 months ago)
под каким углом необходимо буравить дыра для заточки свёрл благодарю
first knight (5 months ago)
Brilliant idea .
Madhu K (5 months ago)
mistry bhai, bench press kaun sa company ka hai
Reid Judd (5 months ago)
Good video, TERRIBLE music editing.
junnel correa (5 months ago)
why file when you have a grinder?
MOUSSAOUI Khalid (5 months ago)
Rajendra Gangolu (5 months ago)
Sir great job, but your not showing of angle of bit
Richard Harmer (5 months ago)
With Respect, as you have a drill press... ! why not make a very simply jig to sharpen your drills by using the drill press to hold the drill bits. A couple of Double length Nuts or some hex-angle stock would provide you the perfect angle to fix or mount a guide plate for misc.. abrasives etc... lock down the press and just feed the abrasive to the spinning drill bites. the above video has so many safety issues.. PS... if you take two same size NUTS and place them side by side on the the bench the 120 deg angle that is created between the nuts is the same as the drill bit cutting edge/s try it ...... ....
Jason Voorhees (24 days ago)
Richard Harmer always gonna be that one guy that thinks he is Bob Vila. Ok DR giggles thanks for your input numbnuts
The Kaveman (4 months ago)
Richard Harmer I thought similar, he could have rolled the grinder ( twisting it) to 31° from horizontal , which gives 118 from vertical and then mounting the base on the drill press . Locking a drill bit as far in as possible into the drill chuck, and then feeding the drill down onto the turning grinder disk creates a 118° cut with fall away because the bit is turning. The bit can be turned by hand by manually rotating the drill chuck which is safer and then pushing the drill press downward ,slowly toward the grinder.
Augusto Siqueira (5 months ago)
Nossa mano ! Tudo isso só pra amolar uma broca ? Eu amolo minhas brocas sem prender a esmerilhadeira sem prender a broca e fica perfeito .
Laura Turganbekova (5 months ago)
Augusto Siqueira овенүө
Colins DIY & MTB Barling (5 months ago)
nice new drill bit in the test mate lol
Making HUERTAS Stuff (5 months ago)
Great job.
IVAN RAFAIL (5 months ago)
...WOW, OKAY!!!
Mohammed Zeco (5 months ago)
It is difficult to choose the suitable angel
Walongkorn Chantaramanee (5 months ago)
james davies (5 months ago)
heel clearance looks wrong on one side
Tiyerlea Nicusor (3 months ago)
Elron Mc-Zille (4 months ago)
Genau. Mit dem Bohrer bohrt der kein Loch in Stahl. Die Schneide war verkehrt herum.
cncboss (5 months ago)
Cool! :)
Robert Markham (5 months ago)
Pretty good but how do you account for the relief angle of the drill bit looks to me like you just grinding them one angle and not putting any relief into them
TheOmnipresent12 (3 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing. Pretty good but doesn't appear to account for any relief. Now trying to put 'relief' into concrete terms... isn't it about allowing some space (post sharpening/while drilling) to allow for cast to flow out/away from material being cut into...? IOW - the amount of cast will build up excessively over material being cut yes/no?
Robert Markham (5 months ago)
Pretty good but how do you account for the relief angle of the drill bit looks to me like you just grinding them one angle and not putting any relief into them
Paulo Cézar Viana Lima (5 months ago)
Muito boa a idéia,parabéns
Jose Antonio Luna (5 months ago)
What kind of disk is that?
Jason Butko (2 months ago)
Jose Antonio Luna did you ever find out what kind of disk that was.
DIYs (5 months ago)
Nice video ♥️😁👌😂
Mr. H.G. (5 months ago)
Cool ******👊
Pasquale Squeglia (5 months ago)
Bravo come sempre!|!
Dave Maher (5 months ago)
what angle did you drill the holes?
Good vry good
Josip Koprivanac (5 months ago)
Great work and idea. At what angle did you drill the holes for the drill bits?
Criart Tub (5 months ago)
Nice Work .
Excelente proyecto. Gracias.
Italo Lima (5 months ago)
Nice Work !
mario tomas (5 months ago)
nice , but what should be the angle of the drill bit, thanks
John Iudice (3 months ago)
118 but the leading edge needs to be 2-3 degrees of set so The trailing is not hitting the surface before the cutting edge. Also the measurements from the center must be the same length. Even distances from the end of the bit to the cutting edge the center needs to be 1 degree angle to the leading edge. Sharpening a drill bit is a lot more complex that what is in this video. This video is a very poor example of how to sharpen a drill. Then there are different methods required for drilling metals like stainless steel, glass and so on.
Paradise King (3 months ago)
59 per lip
Agung Geminika (4 months ago)
118 - 120 degrees
Kuro[GER] (4 months ago)
Chris Kureth (4 months ago)
usually 118°
Inside View (5 months ago)
Good job.. great idea..👍
Long Jin (5 months ago)
Inside View 丨丫 1
김선우 (5 months ago)
Inside View ㅜ.))))ㅣㅖ ㅔㅔㅔㅣㅖ
Очень немало телодвижений. Достаточно огрызка уголка установленного на 60°. Вот!
мне ни какого приспособления не нужно. я всё в руках точу. и заточка у сверла выходит не ужаснее чем в этой преблуде.
Клим Латыпов (5 months ago)
Валерий Шость покажи будто ты это сделал
VOTH THOEUN (5 months ago)

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