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How to design 3.3V output from 50V input? Introducing Richtek RT6204 60V Buck Converter
Our senior FAE manager Mr. Roland van Roy will introduce you Richtek new addition RT6204, a 60V/0.5A synchronous buck converter. The 5.2V-60V input range makes this IC suitable for the variety of applications such as deriving 3.3V supply from 40-50V LED driver supply for a MCU, deriving 15V supply from 48V main power for half-bridge gate drivers in a motor driver application etc. In this video, you will find: 1. Advantages of RT6204. 2. Wide Vin voltage regulator application examples. 3. RT6204 design considerations, EVM measurement and design tips. 4. Stability test method using Richtek load transient tool. 5. RT6204 simulation design tool and application notes. 6. Q&A: using RT6204 for generating a negative supply voltage etc.
How to Make a Battery Protection Circuit (over-discharge protection)
In this video I will show you how to build a simple lithium battery protection circuit, so you can power your homemade projects without ever worrying about over discharging your battery. Circuit diagrams: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5e0otr2dg7uf14x/DIYPerks%20Battery%20Protection%20Circuit.zip?dl=0 How to use lithium batteries safely: http://www.maxamps.com/lipo-care.php More info on battery measurements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxkVxi9P0EA Items you'll need: Alarm circuit: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_sop=15&_nkw=lipo+alarm&rt=nc&LH_BIN=1 Relay: DSP1a-L2-DC5V http://www.google.com/search?q=dsp1a-l2-dc5v (select one of the distributors - price is around $5) Music by Kevin McLeod and Löhstana David
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DFA CECL Strategy Software Webinar 6.28.2017
Deep Future Analytics, an advanced analytics CUSO that provides modeling, data pooling, and CECL analysis for credit unions and community banks, will be presenting its new CECL Strategy Software. DFA’s software performs all the portfolio management functions that you need to effectively manage your portfolio. Deep Future Analytics’ CECL Strategy Software is the newest element of its Portfolio Management Tool. It enables easy creation of user-selected economic and origination scenarios, and generates scenario-based forecasts on any variable / segment / vintage. The integrated solution provides real-time validation, creates documentation needed for regulators, and projects price margins with user-supplied rate sheets, economic scenarios. DFA’s algorithms provide custom forecasts at the loan level for your institution. And, our shared anonymized data pool provides you with the benefit of our ‘data scale’, resulting in improved forecasts. With CECL Strategy Software you will be able to: At the Loan Level create: Collections Watch List – Ranks your loans from most likely to default to least, better informing your collections staff LOC Opportunities – Ranks credit card accounts from least likely to default to most, helping your marketing department or call center to determine which members are the best candidates for an offer of a line of credit increase. Payoff Predictor – Knowing the probability of attrition for the months ahead allows your marketing department to focus their attention on those auto loans most likely to pay off early. Pricing and Risk Matrix Heat Maps – allow you to price for profitability, with a quantified, granular view of the risk for new originations. At the Portfolio Level create: Risk Monitoring – Understand the drivers of past performance. ALLL – Next 12 months or next calendar year Lifetime Loss Rate – Know your ALLL under the proposed CECL regulation. Stress Tests – Scenario driven, delivers all of the loan level and portfolio outputs given extreme economic scenarios. Joseph Breeden, DFA’s COO and Chief Scientist will demonstrate: Selecting economic and origination scenarios Flexible viewing of historical portfolio and economic data Analysis of all model components and fit statistics Forecasting scenarios on any variable / segment / vintage Real-time validation of all model components Calculating the CECL number, loss reserve calculations under the new rules Margin Projections with user-supplied rate sheets, economic scenarios and CECL loss estimates. Featuring Joe Breeden - Webinar.jpg.gif Joseph Breeden, COO and Chief Scientist, Deep Future Analytics, LLC; Founder, Prescient Models, LLC. Breeden brings more than 20 years of experience leading financial institutions through financial modeling, allowing clients to achieve real understanding of portfolio dynamics for retail lending where those problems originated. Previously he was co-founder of Strategic Analytic, where he led the design of advanced analytic solutions including the invention of Dual-time Dynamics. Dr. Breeden has created financial models through the Mexican Peso Crisis, Asian Economic Crisis, 2001 Global Recession, Hong Kong SARS Recession, US Mortgage Crisis, and the Global Financial Crisis. These crises have provided Dr. Breeden with a rare perspective on crisis management and the analytics needs of executives for strategic decision-making. He currently serves as associate editor for the Journal of Risk Model Validation. About Deep Future Analytics Deep Future Analytics brings advance predictive analytics to Credit Unions and Community Banks. We apply the power of the latest advances in modeling techniques and data pooling to your institution, and surpass the state of the art of many of the larger banks that are using legacy systems and out dated models.
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Arduino Tutorial - Servo Motor with an External Power
Servo, can be powered by another power source without Arduino power. Only thing important here is that all the GND are connected to each other. Like this you can add as many servo motors as you want. ***Important! If you will use high voltage battery and you want give power to arduino with same power source, you need to put a 7805 voltage regulator in, and make a parallel circuit for that too. Hardware Required : Arduino or Genuino Board Servo Motor Battery for Servo (I used for my servo; four pcs (1.5V) batteries.) Mini Breadboard Wires Flash Deals -- https://goo.gl/CVqg7P Mega Stock Clearance -- https://goo.gl/eCbuiP Arduino Kits -- https://goo.gl/uwr19e Anet A8 3D Printer Promotion -- https://goo.gl/MNa3p9 More Budget 3D Printers -- https://goo.gl/v6fPU4 Get the Code: http://mertarduinotutorial.blogspot.com.tr/2016/12/arduino-tutorial-02-servo-motor-with.html ----
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HOW TO: Use Lithium 3.7v batteries in small Arduino projects.
I show how to very easily charge, and then use 3.7 rechargeable lithium ion batteries in small simple electronics projects such as Arduino based projects or small motors. Two of the modules covered are the TP4056 and a 03962A which is also based upon the TP4056 but additionally has battery protection. I also show how to get 5 volts out of a 3.7 volt battery. This video mainly covers the 18650 but demonstrates how to use it for other lithium 3.7v batteries.
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PMH Magnet Motor 0.01 Volt!
Edward Leedskalnin was a Latvian emigrant to the United States, self-taught engineer and amateur sculptor who single-handedly built the Coral Castle in Florida, added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Leedskalnin was also known for developing theories of magnetism.Edward Leedskalnin bases his unified field theory on detailed observations he made from direct experimentation with magnetism and electricity. Leedskalnin identifies a unipolar magnetic particle, the individual North and South pole magnet, as the prime subatomic carrier of energy, and sets out to disprove the theory of the electron along with what he considers, the weak foundations of modern atomic theory. He provides evidence for his more sound base of understanding by demonstrating the results of over fifty experiments. He insists the implications will impact all branches of science because they all lack a sound base. If you like my Demonstration-Experiment click the "like" Button. SUBSCRIBE► https://www.youtube.com/user/GIORGOSXANIOS?sub_confirmation=1 SHARE with your Friends... Feel free to post your Positive or Negative comment! SUPPORT my "work" DONATE for materials & equipments - Magnets & Magnet Wires, Lab TOOLS & any other building supplies, variable Power Supply ect. This would HELP my Research. Stay Tuned and Enjoy! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=GZEK5PYGW9D38&lc=GR&item_name=GEORGE%20CHANIOTAKIS God Bless Thanks-ELEMAN MUST SEE... How to Make RF 📡 Detector https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtIoUX725Jk&index=6&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7c-Lu4SgsO4Wr3uEatQ-MA7 Make Emergency Light DIY-Circuit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev3uOFkxAng&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7eYPz0izWN3iHOVpKERvncB&index=36 MAKE LED Night-Light DIY-Circuit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_epKD6lBRaU&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7eYPz0izWN3iHOVpKERvncB&index=38 Make Pipe Battery! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl4-_T63hk0&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7eYPz0izWN3iHOVpKERvncB&index=40 Amazing Multi-Power Bank! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSoobcdOOBI&index=45&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7eYPz0izWN3iHOVpKERvncB AC INDUCTION MOTOR CONVERSION TO AC PERMANENT MAGNET GENERATOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08MY1mTXmLE&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7eYPz0izWN3iHOVpKERvncB&index=46 How To Make Homemade PVC Wind Turbine Blades DIY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NolB5BbQnBc&index=14&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7eYPz0izWN3iHOVpKERvncB Tesla Coil Plasma Ball ᴴᴰ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWyjRjGuV98&index=4&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7ck1Q5olykr95k4WSeUuDb3 Plasma in Magnetic Field! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B-lKgcQJvg&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7ck1Q5olykr95k4WSeUuDb3&index=30 Make Plasma Generator DIY-Circuit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJD3p0MrMtE&index=56&list=PLT7Zi_DRtP7ck1Q5olykr95k4WSeUuDb3
97% Owned - Economic Truth documentary - How is Money Created
If you like 97% Owned support our future documentaries on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/independentdocumentary Watch our newest documentary The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np_ylvc8Zj8 97% owned present serious research and verifiable evidence on our economic and financial system. This is the first documentary to tackle this issue from a UK-perspective and explains the inner workings of Central Banks and the Money creation process. When money drives almost all activity on the planet, it's essential that we understand it. Yet simple questions often get overlooked, questions like; where does money come from? Who creates it? Who decides how it gets used? And what does this mean for the millions of ordinary people who suffer when the monetary, and financial system, breaks down? A film by Michael Oswald, Produced by Mike Horwath, featuring Ben Dyson of Positive Money, Josh Ryan-Collins of The New Economics Foundation, Ann Pettifor, the "HBOS Whistleblower" Paul Moore, Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future and Nick Dearden from the Jubliee Debt Campaign. Help us translate this video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=XcGh1Dex4Yo or contact us on info@queuepolitely.com Brought to you by: http://hushhushvideo.com/ and http://queuepolitely.com/
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Reform Contradictions Facing China's New Leadership, Yukon Huang
Drawing on his book, Cracking the China Conundrum—Why Conventional Economic Wisdom Is Wrong, Yukon Huang, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment, highlights the reform challenges facing China's new leadership. These include options for dealing with China’s debt problems, sustaining rapid growth, curtailing corruption, moderating trade and investment tensions with the West and coping with pressures for political liberalization. Huang argues that many of the mainstream assumptions for addressing these issues are misguided and often lead to flawed policy prescriptions. Filmed March 21, 2018 See more Ath videos: http://tinyurl.com/MMCAth ► Like this video? SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/CMCchannel ► Visit our website: http://www.cmc.edu/ ► Follow CMC: https://www.facebook.com/ClaremontMcKennaCollege https://twitter.com/cmcnews https://www.instagram.com/cmcnews/
Regulating Artificial Intelligence: How to Control the Unexplainable
The technologies we broadly call "AI" are changing industries, from finance to advertising, medicine and logistics. But the biggest hurdle to the adoption of artificial intelligence lies in how well this so-called black box technology can be governed and controlled. This talk will suggest a framework for how artificial intelligence can be created, tested, and deployed ethically-and how its benefits can be harnessed fully in medicine and beyond.
Anita Berrizbeitia, "On the Limits of Process: The Case for Precision in Landscape"
It has been almost four decades since the idea of process erupted into the field of landscape architecture as a primary driver of design. Initially associated with hermeneutics—a poetics inherent to the medium of landscape and a conceptual framework to bridge the divide between ecology and design—the idea of process today remains largely unquestioned, applied uncritically regardless of social and political conditions. Anita Berrizbeitia MLA '87, professor of landscape architecture and chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture, will explore the limits of process and will argue for the need to define the term differently today in order to address the conditions of diverse contexts of urbanization. With a response by Michel Desvigne, Peter Louis Hornbeck Design Critic in Landscape Architecture. Anita Berrizbeitia is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture. Her research focuses on design theories of modern and contemporary landscape architecture, the productive aspects of landscapes, and Latin American cities and landscapes. She was awarded the 2005/2006 Prince Charitable Trusts Rome Prize Fellowship in Landscape Architecture. A native of Caracas, Venezuela, she studied architecture at the Universidad Simon Bolivar before receiving a BA from Wellesley College and an MLA from the GSD. Berrizbeitia has taught design theory and studio, previously at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Her studios investigate innovative approaches to the conceptualization of public space, especially on sites where urbanism, globalization, and local cultural conditions intersect. She also leads seminars that focus on significant transformations in landscape discourse over the last three decades. From 1987 to 1993, she practiced with Child Associates, Inc., in Boston, where she collaborated on many award-winning projects. Berrizbeitia is co-author, with Linda Pollak, of Inside/Outside: Between Architecture and Landscape (Rockport, 1999), which won an ASLA Merit Award; author of Roberto Burle Marx in Caracas: Parque del Este, 1956-1961 (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2004), awarded the J.B. Jackson Book Prize in 2007 from the Foundation for Landscape Studies; and editor of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates: Reconstructing Urban Landscapes (Yale University Press, 2009), which received an ASLA Honor Award. Her essays have been published in Daniel Urban Kiley: The Early Gardens (Princeton Architectural Press), Recovering Landscape (Princeton Architectural Press), Roberto Burle Marx: Landscapes Reflected (Princeton Architectural Press), CASE: Downsview Park Toronto (Prestel), Large Parks (Princeton Architectural Press), Retorno al Paisaje (Evren), and Hargreaves Associates: Landscape Alchemy (ORO Publishers), as well as in magazines such as A+U. Michel Desvigne, Peter Louis Hornbeck Design Critic in Landscape Architecture, is a landscape architect internationally renowned for his rigorous and contemporary designs and for the originality and relevance of his research work. His projects, developed in more than twelve different countries, are regularly published in the international press. He works with leading architects including Herzog and de Meuron, Foster+Partners, Jean Nouvel, Rem Koolhaas, Christian de Portzamparc, I.M. Pei, Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers. He was awarded the French national Urbanism Grand Prize in 2011. Desvigne’s most renowned urban public spaces include Draï Eechelen Park (Luxemburg), Sammons Park in Dallas (US), the Saint Louis Art Museum (US), the New Qatar National Museum in Doha, Burgos Boulevard (Spain), Lyon Confluence 2 and Ile Seguin prefiguration garden (France). Recently Michel Desvigne has been awarded the leading role in the planning and implementation of the Paris-Saclay cluster (7700 ha), the landscape and urban plan for the development of Euralens (1200 ha), as well as the redevelopment of the old port of Marseille, awarded “prix de l’aménagement urbain” in 2013.
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How To Convert / Replace Ni-Cd To Lithium by using 18650 cells li-ion
In this video I'll transform this BOSCH, cordless power drill Ni-Cd battery to lithium battery by using 18650 cells.I will also use BMS PCM battery protection board with balance for Li-ion Lipo battery cell pack,with maximum operating current 25A It can also be applied to all cordless electric drills BOSCH MAKITA DeWALT BLACK DECKER RYOBY SKIL KING CRAFT ALPHA TOOLS MAC ALLISTER If you want something profi, buy high drain cells with max discharge current 35A, for electric toys. Here you can see the products High Drain Lithium 18650 AliExpress https://goo.gl/h3xRKZ eBay https://goo.gl/3VXqgk BMS PCM Battery Protection Board eBay http://goo.gl/7ynz5F AliExpress https://goo.gl/7oFLhU Due to factors beyond the control of DIY Tips&Tricks, it can not guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information or improper use of this information. DIY Tips&Tricks assumes no liability for property damage or damage incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. DIY Tips&Tricks recommends safe practices when working with the tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of DIY Tips&Tricks, no information contained in this video will create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from the improper use of these tools, equipment, or information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not DIY Tips&Tricks. ► Music provided by: No Copyright Songs - Best Of ► Disfigure - Blank [NCS Best Of]: https://youtu.be/D6ge7hmnWhk 🔈 Download free this song here : https://goo.gl/auPAbN
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Eyes on a Car: an Interface Design for Communication between an Autonomous Car and a Pedestrian
Chia-Ming Chang, Koki Toda, Daisuke Sakamoto and Takeo Igarashi. 2017. The 9th ACM International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (AutomotiveUI 2017), Oldenburg, Germany, 24-27 September 2017 www.chiamingchang.com
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How To Wire Multiple LED's in a Parallel Circuit !!
In this video I teach you how to wire multiple LEDs into a Parallel Circuit. This seems to be the circuit that most people will use when wiring up LEDs. Thanks for watching and comment, rate , and subscribe thanks!
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Cheap and easy 5V power for your arduino projects [Anything Arduino] (ep.11)
BEWARE THAT THIS PROJECT INVOLVES HANDLING HIGH VOLTAGES, THAT COULD BE LETHAL IF TOUCHED!!! Often when doing an integrated project, at least for me the hardest part have been to solve the power in an easy and integrated way. So I bought a few of these "apple" 5V usb adapters. Because of their design they are quite easy to fit inside your projects and "quite" safe, because of the separation of the high voltage pcb and 5v pcb. NEVER TOUCH A POWER SUPPLY WHEN PLUGGED INTO AN OUTLET! So this project is the second DS18B20 project discussed in the previous episode. If you want to know how to build the arduino circuit and sketch watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52syrku0i_8 In this episode we just add the 5V power and put it all in a box and put it in place at the hotwater tank.
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Transform Your Business to Compete in the Digital Age
In this 30-minute webinar with digital strategist David Rogers, you’ll learn: - Why digital transformation is actually not about technology - How companies like Walmart, Disney, Dominos, and Ford are proving that legacy businesses can still compete with Silicon Valley - The five domains of the strategy rulebook that have been rewritten by the digital revolution - What every leader must do to guide digital transformation in their own enterprise Learn more from David Rogers at one of these Columbia Business School Executive Education programs: Digital Business Strategy: https://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/execed/program-pages/details/887/DBS?sourceid=youtube Digital Marketing Strategy: https://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/execed/program-pages/details/113/DMS?sourceid=youtube
Onstate 112: MAX745 1-4 cells Li Battery Charger Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter Module Testing
eBay/China Maxim MAX745 lithium-ion battery CC-CV charger board. High-efficiency synchronous switch-mode, step-down DC converter module for charging 1-4 cells. Constant-voltage and constant-current power supply applications. NOTE: KNOWLEDGE OF POWER ELECTRONICS IS REQUIRED TO UNDERSTAND VIDEO. See Maxim MAX745 datasheet and schematic for more information. This video is 1-3 cells output testing. General supplier specifications: MAX745 4.2 4.35V 1-4 Packs Lithium Battery Charging Board Voltage Current adjust Input voltage: 6-20V Output voltage: 4.1-4.4V/cell (1-4 cells) Output Current: 1.8A (max), adjustable. Dimensions: 36x33x9mm (module) RED LED: Charging status indicator. ON=CC mode, OFF=CV mode. Parts: MAX745E (6-24V 20-SSOP), 12uH power inductor (CDEP1411NP-12ØMC-95, 120ML), 2x N-CH 60V 10A TO-252 MOSFET, CLS03 schottky diode (battery reverse power), 0.10 ohms shunt resistor. Testing measurements: -Switching frequency: 300kHz. -Oscilloscope CH1= inductor switching waveform (top trace). 5V/div. 2uS/div -Oscilloscope CH2= GND N-CH FET gate output (L-GND, bottom trace). 5.0V/div. -Power supply input voltage and current. -Dark gray meter = output current, red meter = output voltage. -Load testing, power resistor, 1-3 cells testing. 20V 1.24A in, 11.67V 1.86A output=87.56%eff. 20V 0.41A in, 6.25V 1.0A output=76.2%eff. 24V 0.80A in, 16.64V 1.02A output=88.4%eff. 14V 1.71A in, 11.62V 1.84A output=89.3%eff. 15V 1.14A in, 8.0V 1.85A output=86.5%eff. 12V 0.94A in, 6.38V 1.50A output=84.8%eff. 12V 0.83A in, 4.24V 0.83A output=78.8%eff. 12V 0.44A in, 3.0V 1.28A output=72.7%eff. RED LED. Set single cell at 4.2V. 4.20V=LED OFF/CV, 4.18V=LED ON/CC. CV (Vset) = 4.13-4.41Vout, single cell. CC (Iset) = 0-1.85A out (R10 shunt, 185mV CS ref). Operational, stable switching at most conditions. Low AC ripples. Operation 1: Start-up with bad battery. The converter module once start-up will outputs at a constant current to the load up to the pre-set output voltage. The converter continues to output full power to the battery without charge termination. Status LED is ON until it reaches the pre-set output voltage. Operation 2: Good/Full battery. The converter continues to output constant current (pre-set) to the battery until the output reaches the pre-set output voltage. Battery is in CV charging mode with decreasing output current. Status LED is ON (CC mode) until it reaches the pre-set output voltage. There is no charge termination. Output voltage is stable. Recommendation: Module is operational as designed. Stable switching throughout at lower output voltages. Possible layout change required for a stable feedback/switching circuit. Lacks charge/error/bad battery termination. Pass preliminary testing. The BQ24650 is a better option for battery charging. Subscribe for technical support. Please read description and product datasheet before comments/questions.
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Reinier de Graaf, “Phantom Urbanism”
Once cities were designed to accommodate the masses; today the masses have to be seduced. During the past forty years, like all sectors of the economy, urban planning has become free enterprise: a perpetually speculative activity, which must give shape to developments even if it remains uncertain whether those developments will ever happen, or attract the people for whom they were planned. This presentation explores the flipside: large urban plans that were built but never used. These now occur on every continent – the inevitable fallout of a world urbanizing at a staggering pace. But perhaps they are more… perhaps these towns also constitute compelling reasons for reflection in the face of a seemingly unbreakable consensus that the city is our one and only common future. Reinier de Graaf (1964, Schiedam) is a Dutch architect, architectural theorist, urbanist and writer. He is the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)’s longest serving non-founding partner, leading projects in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. His recent built work includes the Timmerhuis, a mixed-use project in Rotterdam widely recognized for its innovation in ways of working and living, sustainability and cost efficiency; fashion brand G-Star Raw’s corporate and design headquarters in Amsterdam; and De Rotterdam, currently the largest building in the Netherlands. Reinier is a co-founder of OMA’s think tank AMO and has taught at various institutions, such as the Strelka Institute for Media Architecture and Design, The Berlage Institute and the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of the book Four Walls and a Roof: The Complex Nature of a Simple Profession, named best books of 2017 by both the Financial Times and the Guardian.
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Fireside Chat about Mass Adoption - Charlie Lee & Michael Ou (CoolBitX CEO)
00:37 Michael - Stories behind CoolWallet and CoolBitX 7:20 Charlie - Stories behind Litecoin 9:03 Michael & Charlie - Mass Adoption 18:52 Michael & Charlie - Stable Coins 22:42 Michael - Hurdles for Mass Adoption 25:36 Charlie - Crypto users 27:19 Michael & Charlie - State of ICO 30:34 Charlie - Litecoin Foundation buying bank stake 34:49 Michael - CoolWallet future potential 39:21 Charlie - Go through the bear market 41:49 Charlie - Important developments for crypto 43:29 Litecoin Summit
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Scott D Anthony: "Leadership Lessons from the Trenches of Disruption" | Talks at Google
Scott D Anthony shares a few leadership lessons from the trenches of disruption with Talks at Google. Scott Anthony is a strategic advisor, writer and speaker on topics of growth and innovation. He has been based in Singapore since 2010, and currently serves at the Managing Director of Innosight’s Asia-Pacific operations. He is the author of several books, most recently "Dual Transformation". This talk is built on the fundamental insight that every disruptive threat also holds the potential for tremendous growth. Scott draws on lessons he has learned as an advisor, investor and business-builder to empower leaders to navigate disruptive change so they can own the future, rather than be disrupted by it. Get the book here: https://goo.gl/QwXYq7
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Fuzzy and Techie: A False Divide?
“Techie” students who pursue STEM subjects are commonly seen as greater drivers of innovation than “fuzzy” students who pursue the humanities and sciences. However, those with fuzzy skills in management, communication and creative problem solving are vital to the workplace of the future. Watch as Stanford faculty and alumni experts discuss the skill sets that really matter for current students. This event was co-sponsored by Stanford Undergraduate Advising and Research, Stanford BEAM, the School of Engineering and the School of Humanities and Sciences.
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Unboxing some stuff i got from ICSTATION
Some stuff I got from ICSTATION The site: http://www.icstation.com/ ICStation TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Module 4.5-13.5V 3A : http://www.icstation.com/icstation-tb6612fng-dual-motor-driver-module-135v-p-3727.html 12.6V 4A 3S Dual MOS Polymer Lithium Battery Protection Board For 3pcs 18650 : http://www.icstation.com/126v-dual-polymer-lithium-battery-protection-board-3pcs-18650-p-7884.html feel free to like and share this video if you like this video please subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1_tz9mcSpWdx-ektovx6GQ?sub_confirmation=1 To support my videos check out my patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/marco_arduino
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How to create power pin for use arduino
create power pin. it use for supply the Arduino board. visit my website : www.codejourney.ml what is Arduino ? this link is a introduction and component of arduino. In this video i'm introduced Arduino and arduino board and arduino pins.. https://youtu.be/sukzMuIQMVE How to install arduino software (IDE) and how to use. In this video i am introduce arduino software installation and use. anduino driver install https://youtu.be/lKvyNLsm8j0 power pins in arduino power pins motherboard power pins 2.0 power pins review power pins power pins guitar review power pins arduino power pins arduino uno powder actuated pins power bank pins power cord pins sata power cable pins powder driven pins power drive pins arduino power pins arduino power pinout arduino pin power output arduino 5v power pin arduino nano power pins arduino mega power pins arduino power per pin arduino mini power pin arduino duemilanove power pins arduino power supply pinout arduino power pin arduino power pin current arduino nano power pin arduino mega power pin arduino power input pin arduino micro power pin arduino power jack and usb arduino digital pin as power arduino analog pin power arduino power jack dimensions arduino power from digital pin arduino external power pin arduino nano external power pin power arduino from pin power arduino from 5v pin power arduino from vin pin arduino power in pin arduino power input jack arduino uno power input pin arduino power led pin arduino mega 2560 power pin arduino pro mini power pin maximum power arduino pin arduino power jack part number arduino power jack polarity arduino power jack pinout arduino uno power jack polarity arduino uno power jack pinout arduino external power jack polarity arduino power jack size arduino power supply pin arduino power jack specs arduino power supply jack arduino uno power jack size arduino mega 2560 power pins arduino power from digital pins power arduino through pin arduino power through 5v pin power arduino through vin pin arduino power jack usb arduino uno power pin arduino power jack voltage power arduino via 5v pin arduino power jack wiring power arduino with vin pin arduino power 5v pin
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SEAN DAVID MORTON... in hiding and on the run broadcasting from somewhere in the Universe... Sean talks about his case and the illegal proceedings in the court room. He also talks at length about Trump, the SOLAR ECLIPSE on August 21st and it's lasting effects going forward for the United States. MUST SEE!
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Daniel Goleman: "Focus: the Hidden Driver of Excellence" | Talks at Google
In Focus, Psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman, author of the #1 international bestseller Emotional Intelligence, offers a groundbreaking look at today's scarcest resource and the secret to high performance and fulfillment: attention. Combining cutting-edge research with practical findings, Focus delves into the science of attention in all its varieties, presenting a long overdue discussion of this little-noticed and under-rated mental asset. In an era of unstoppable distractions, Goleman persuasively argues that now more than ever we must learn to sharpen focus if we are to survive in a complex world. Goleman boils down attention research into a threesome: inner, other, and outer focus. Drawing on rich case studies from fields as diverse as competitive sports, education, the arts, and business, he shows why high-achievers need all three kinds of focus, and explains how those who rely on Smart Practices—mindfulness meditation, focused preparation and recovery, positive emotions and connections, and mental "prosthetics" that help them improve habits, add new skills, and sustain greatness—excel while others do not.
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How to design PCB layout of a circuit on Proteus.
This is a tutorial to design PCB layout of any circuit on Proteus. In this tutorial 5V DC power Supply circuit is designed.
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Free Cryptocurrency Course: Learn Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies Today!
Want more? Enroll in the full course at: https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-cryptocurrency-course-more-than-5-courses-in-1/?couponCode=WB73018CCC Here are more details on the full 24 hour version of this Comprehensive COMPLETE Cryptocurrency Course! I guarantee that this is THE most thorough cryptocurrency course available ANYWHERE on the market - or your money back (30 day money back guarantee). This course and the many exercises in this course are for beginner or advanced users in any country! By an Award Winning MBA professor who is a top selling online business teacher, top selling author, former Goldman Sachs employee, Columbia MBA (finance major) and venture capitalist who has invested in and sat on the boards of cryptocurrency companies since 2013 and a hedge fund industry veteran and founder. He is also the author of the #1 best selling business course on Udemy. THIS COMPLETE CRYPTOCURRENCY COURSE is 5+ courses in 1! Cryptocurrency Investing Cryptocurrency Mining Cryptocurrency Wallets Cryptocurrency Exchanges Blockchain Creating a Diversified Portfolio & Much More! Also included in this course is a very comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that contains more than 30 Cryptocurrency exercises to help you learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies (whether you are a beginner or an advanced user). No prior cryptocurrency or finance or accounting or tech or Excel experience is required to take this course. We Will Cover More than 10 Cryptocurrencies in this Course (and how to buy & sell each one, what are the pros and cons of each one & how to mine each one): Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Litecoin Monero Zcash Dash NEO Cardano Stellar ...and more (this course will constantly be updated with more cryptocurrencies) We Will Cover More than 5 Wallets in this Course (how to set one up, the pros & cons of all 5 wallet types and how to transfer money between them): QR Code Wallets Four USB Wallets (Trezor. Ledger Nano S, DigitalBitBox & KeepKey) Coinbase Electrum Blockchain ...and more (this course will constantly be updated with more wallets) We Will Cover the More than 5 Exchanges in this Course (how to transact with each one): GDAX Poloniex Kraken Bittrex Gemini Binance ...& more (this course will constantly be updated with more exchanges) Here Are Some More Topics That We Will Cover In This Course: The Future of Money & What is Blockchain? Introduction to 10+ Cryptocurrencies (Mining, Investing & Much More) Create an Investment Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies Understand What Makes a Great Cryptocurrency as A Great Long-Term Investment Introduction to 5+ Wallets to Use to Store Your Cryptocurrencies Introduction to 5+ Exchanges to Use to Buy or Sell Cryptocurrencies Introduction to Mining & Building a Mining PC from Scratch! Cryptocurrency Investment Framework (made in Excel) Watching out for Scams & Managing Risk What Are the Biggest Mistakes New Investors Make in Cryptocurrencies? How to Identify the Next Great Cryptocurrency (What to Look For & Watch Out For) When Should You Buy or Sell a Cryptocurrency? How Do You Read Charts & Look for Buy or Sell Signals What Makes a Great Wallet (What to Look For From Researching a Wallet) Introduction to ICOs + What Makes a Great ICO (What To Look For From Researching An ICO More than 100 Great Online Cryptocurrency Resources You can use the comprehensive Excel exercise document in this course on a Mac or on a PC (I recommend having Excel version 2013 or later in order to complete all of the cryptocurrency exercises in this course). This course and the included comprehensive Complete Cryptocurrency Excel dashboard exercise file is a roadmap for your personal & technical/finance cryptocurrency success. All of the tools you need to be successful with cryptocurrencies are included in this course & the entire course is based on real life Practical Knowledge and experience & not based on theory. Please click the take this course button so you can take your cryptocurrency skills to the next level. Requirements: No prior technology or cryptocurrency or finance or accounting or Excel experience is required to take this course. Please note that Excel 2013 (or a newer version) is recommended in order to complete some of the exercises in this course. The Excel exercises in this course work on the Windows and Mac versions of Excel. Who is the target audience? Anyone in ANY country interested in learning EVERYTHING about cryptocurrency can take this course as this 23+ hour COMPLETE course is 5+ courses in 1 (1: Investing, 2: Mining, 3: Wallets, 4: Blockchain , 5: Transacting, 6: Creating a Diversified Portfolio & Much More!) *** Again, I guarantee that this is THE most thorough cryptocurrency course available ANYWHERE on the market - or your money back (30 day money back guarantee). *** Enroll in the full course at: https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-cryptocurrency-course-more-than-5-courses-in-1/?couponCode=WB73018CCC Thanks, Chris Haroun
J. Haskel, S. Westlake: "Capitalism without Capital" | Talks at Google
Early in the twenty-first century, a quiet revolution occurred. For the first time, the major developed economies began to invest more in intangible assets, like design, branding, R&D, and software, than in tangible assets, like machinery, buildings, and computers. For all sorts of businesses, from tech firms and pharma companies to coffee shops and gyms, the ability to deploy assets that one can neither see nor touch is increasingly the main source of long-term success. But this is not just a familiar story of the so-called new economy. Capitalism without Capital shows that the growing importance of intangible assets has also played a role in some of the big economic changes of the last decade. The rise of intangible investment is, Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake argue, an underappreciated cause of phenomena from economic inequality to stagnating productivity. Haskel and Westlake bring together a decade of research on how to measure intangible investment and its impact on national accounts, showing the amount different countries invest in intangibles, how this has changed over time, and the latest thinking on how to assess this. They explore the unusual economic characteristics of intangible investment, and discuss how these features make an intangible-rich economy fundamentally different from one based on tangibles. Capitalism without Capital concludes by presenting three possible scenarios for what the future of an intangible world might be like, and by outlining how managers, investors, and policymakers can exploit the characteristics of an intangible age to grow their businesses, portfolios, and economies.
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Marijuana: The Latest Scientific Findings and Legalization
California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada became the latest states to legalize recreational marijuana, bringing to 28 the number of states that have okayed the drug for medicinal use, recreational use, or both. Even more states have rules that allow certain kinds of cannabis extracts to be used for medical purposes. At the same time that state legalization is increasing, the Trump administration is signaling that it may ramp up enforcement of federal drug laws, even when they come into conflict with state laws allowing recreational marijuana use. State and local governments may find themselves on uncertain legal ground. Meanwhile, policymakers navigating this new landscape are also working largely without the benefit of a solid foundation of scientific evidence on the drug’s risks and benefits. In fact, a new National Academy of Medicine report describes notable gaps in scientific data on the short- and long-term health effects of marijuana. What do we know about the health impacts of marijuana, and what do we still need to learn? This Forum brought together researchers studying marijuana’s health impacts with policymakers who are working to implement new laws in ways that will benefit and protect public health. Part of The Dr. Lawrence H. and Roberta Cohn Forums, this event was presented jointly with The Huffington Post on Friday, March 24, 2017. Watch the entire series at ForumHSPH.org.
“Future Retail”
Future Retail explores the rapidly accelerating pace of retailing at the intersection of physical and digital spaces. Emerging practices in omnichannel retailing are redefining the utilities of brick and mortar retail in the advancement of a seamless flow of information, inventory, and consumers. Whether it is the design of packaging or interactive in-store experiences, nearly every facet of the retail supply chain is being reimagined. With the life-cycles of products and stores being compressed in time and space, new retail models are set to challenge the conventions of leisure and necessity consumption. This event seeks to identify critical accelerants of technology and process innovation that are likely to steer the next generation of retail. Speakers will include Rajiv Lal, Stanley Roth, Sr. Professor of Retailing at Harvard Business School; Eric Symon, Vice President, Global Retail Business Unit, PTC; and Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker. Lal, Symon, and Blumenthal will join Craig Robins, CEO and President, DACRA, in a panel discussion moderated by Jesse M. Keenan, Lecturer in Architecture & Real Estate.
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REPLAY: B.C. government confidence vote
»»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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The Coddling of the American Mind: A First Principles Conversation with Dr. Jonathan Haidt
Dr. Jonathan Haidt, noted social psychologist and author, addresses the subject of his new book — The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting up a Generation for Failure — in which he investigates the causes of our current confusion, conflict and polarization and offers solutions for individuals and institutions to flourish amidst our differences. Recorded March 21, 2018 at Biola University (https://www.biola.edu).
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World Bank Chief Economist Kaushik Basu on Global Development
Developing countries with abundant labor forces that maximize new technologies are most likely to experience rapid economic growth, Kaushik Basu, chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank, said Feb. 10 at a lecture at Georgetown.
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The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version
https://www.thevenusproject.com Intro: 0:00 Part 1 6:16 Part 2 23:28 Part 3 47:03 Part 4 1:19:09 Produced/Directed by Roxanne Meadows and Joel Holt Script by Roxanne Meadows Editor Joel Holt, assisted by Roxanne Meadows & Nathanael Dinwiddie Original Score by Kat Epple This film series explores many aspects of our society. To rethink what is possible in our world, we need to consider what kind of world we want to live in. Although we refer to it as a civilization, it is anything but civilized. Visions of global unity & fellowship have long inspired humanity, yet the social arrangements up to the present have largely failed to produce a peaceful and productive world. While we appear to be technically advanced, our values and behaviors are not. The possibility of an optimistic future is in stark contrast to our current social, economic, and environmental dilemmas. The Choice Is Ours includes interviews with notable scientists, media professionals, authors, and other thinkers exploring the difficulties we face. Part I provides an introduction and overview of cultural & environmental conditions that are untenable for a sustainable world civilization. It explores the determinants of behavior to dispel the myth of “human nature” while demonstrating how environment shapes behavior. The science of behavior is an important - yet largely missing - ingredient in our culture. Part II questions the values, behaviors, and consequences of our social structures, and illustrates how our global monetary system is obsolete and increasingly insufficient to meet the needs of most people. Critical consideration of the banking, media, and criminal justice systems reveals these institutions for what they really are: tools of social control managed by the established political and economic elite. If we stay the present course, the familiar cycles of crime, economic booms & busts, war, and further environmental destruction are inevitable. Part III explains the methods and potential of science. It proposes solutions that we can apply at present to eliminate the use of non-renewable sources of energy. It depicts the vision of The Venus Project to build an entirely new world from the ground up, a “redesign of the culture”, where all enjoy a high standard of living, free of servitude and debt, while also protecting the environment. Part IV explains how it is not just architecture and a social structure that is in desperate need of change, but our values which have been handed down from centuries ago. They too need to be updated to our technological age, which has the potential to eliminate our scarcity-driven societies of today. Our problems are mostly of our own making, but we can still turn things around before the point of no return. It’s not too late for an optimistic outlook on the fantastic possibilities that lie before us. Jacque Fresco-Futurist, Industrial Designer, Social Engineer, Founder of The Venus Project Jeffrey A. Hoffman Ph.D. - Prof. Aeronautics & Astronautics MIT, Former NASA Astronaut Henry Schlinger, Ph.D., BCBA-D - Prof. Psychology CAL State University Abby Martin - Journalist & Host "The Empire Files" Karen Hudes - Economist, Lawyer, World Bank Whistleblower Erin Ade - Reporter & Host "Boom Bust" – RT Paul Wright - Founder & Director of Human Rights Defense Center, Editor of Prison Legal News, Author Dylan Ratigan - Author & TV Host "The Dylan Ratigan Show" Mark Jacobson, Ph.D. - Prof. Civil & Env. Engineering, Stanford University. www.thesolutionsproject.org Erik Brynjolfsson, Ph.D. - Prof. of Management-MIT Sloan School of Management, Dir. MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Author Lawrence M. Krauss, Ph.D. - Foundation Prof. School of Earth and Space Exploration, and director of Origins Project, Arizona State University. Author "A Universe from Nothing". Paul G. Hewitt - Author "Conceptual Physics" Roxanne Meadows - Co-Founder The Venus Project *special thanks also to Alexander "Obraz" ...Obraz.io who created the many 2d motion depictions (plus the sound fx!) of concepts such as the "hamburgers and fried chicken" segment and many others which are Alexander's inimitable work style and attention to details where we needed very specific illustrations of key points. The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today's world. Learn more at http://www.thevenusproject.com Support/donate to the project: https://www.thevenusproject.com/donations/ Become a volunteer:https://www.thevenusproject.com/become-a-volunteer/
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The 700 Club - August 7, 2018
A mother with “holes” on her brain is slipping into dementia and the doctors offer no hope. Watch the incredible outcome. Plus, Bishop Joseph Walker shares how his church is reaching the masses through social media. ► WATCH more stories: http://share.cbn.com/5ds46 ► CLICK to experience God’s love, purpose and forgiveness in your life: http://share.cbn.com/5ds47 ► Need prayer? CLICK: http://share.cbn.com/5ds48 CALL 24/7: 1-800-826-8913. ► PARTNER with CBN ministries: http://share.cbn.com/5ds49 ► CLICK to learn more about CBN ministries: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4a ► CLICK HERE to subscribe to The 700 Club YouTube Channel: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4b ► SIGN UP for daily devotionals: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4c ► GROW in your faith: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4d ► DOWNLOAD the myCBN app: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4e   The inspiration and encouragement doesn’t stop here; find us on the social networks you love most. Facebook:  http://share.cbn.com/5ds4f Google+: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4g Twitter: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4h Instagram: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4i Pinterest: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4j Snapchat: http://share.cbn.com/5ds4k
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Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities Inaugural Lecture: Norman Foster
An annual lecture within the Harvard GSD Lecture Series, this event intends to expose a large audience of students, faculty and members of the public to the importance of green design and planning. Lord Foster’s practice, Foster + Partners, has pioneered an integrated design approach driven by sustainability, winning hundreds of awards and international competitions. From airports, urban masterplans to cultural buildings and workplaces, the practice is renowned for its deftness at integrating advanced technology with cultural and environmental concerns. The Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities aims to transform the building industry through a commitment to design-centric strategy that directly links research outcomes to the development of new processes, systems, and products. http://www.harvardcgbc.org
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LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 3)
Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett #Kavanaugh (Day 3) - LIVE at 9:30am ET on C-SPAN3, C-SPAN Radio & online here: https://cs.pn/2NXalKI
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Meaningful Innovation: Whether to Design or Evolve?
Google Tech Talk September 29, 2010 Presented by Steve Jurvetson. ABSTRACT Many of the interesting challenges in computer science, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology entail the construction of complex systems. As these systems transcend human comprehension, will we continue to design them or will we increasingly evolve them? As we design for evolvability, the locus of learning shifts from the artifacts themselves to the process that created them. There is no mathematical shortcut for the decomposition of a neural network or genetic program, no way to "reverse evolve" with the ease that we can reverse engineer the artifacts of purposeful design. The beauty of compounding iterative algorithms (evolution, fractals, organic growth, art) derives from their irreducibility. Google itself is a complex system that seeks to perpetually innovate. Leadership in complex organizations shifts from direction setting to a wisdom of crowds. The role of upper management is to tune the parameters of communication. Leaders can embrace a process that promotes innovation with emergent predictability more than they can hope to dictate the product of innovation itself. Innovation is critical to economic growth, progress, and the fate of the planet, yet it seems so random. While innovation may appear inscrutable at the atomic level, patterns emerge in the aggregate nonetheless. A critical pattern, spanning centuries, is that the pace of innovation is perpetually accelerating, and it is exogenous to the economy. Rather, it is the combinatorial explosion of possible innovation-pairings that creates economic growth. Steve Jurvetson is a Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ.com), a leading venture capital firm with affiliate offices around the world and one of the most active early-stage investors. Internationally, DFJ was the main investor in Baidu and Skype. Steve's current board positions include Tesla Motors, Synthetic Genomics, D-Wave (quantum computers), NeoPhotonics, SpaceX, Boxbe, and Wowd. Steve was the founding VC investor in Hotmail, Interwoven, and Kana, and led DFJ's investments in various other companies acquired for $8B. Previously, he was an R&D Engineer at HP, where seven of his communications chip designs were fabricated. His prior technical experience also includes programming, materials science research and computer design at HP, the Center for Materials Research, and Mostek. At Stanford, he finished his BSEE in 2.5 years and graduated #1 in his class. He also received an MSEE and MBA from Stanford.
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[official] Miracles: Is Belief in the Supernatural Irrational? With John Lennox at Harvard
http://www.veritas.org/talks - We live and learn in environments and institutions that often value the material and tangible over the immaterial and invisible. In this Forum, John Lennox of Oxford explores the legitimacy of miracles and their supernatural implications. Over the past two decades, The Veritas Forum has been hosting vibrant discussions on life's hardest questions and engaging the world's leading colleges and universities with Christian perspectives and the relevance of Jesus. Learn more at http://www.veritas.org, with upcoming events and over 600 pieces of media on topics including science, philosophy, music, business, medicine, and more!
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Critique: Bernie Sanders "Inequality in America" Town Hall from 3.19.18, by Peter Joseph
Peter Joseph gives a "structuralist" perspective on the nature of modern socioeconomic inequality, pointing out failures within the March 19th 2018 Town Hall discussion held by Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore, Elizabeth Warren, Darrick Hamilton and other guests. These views are also explored in detail in his book "The New Human Rights Movement", which is recommended. http://www.thenewhumanrightsmovement.com/ Follow Peter Joseph https://twitter.com/ZeitgeistFilm www.peterjoseph.info * About TZM: The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability activist group working to bring the world together for the common goal of species sustainability before it is too late. Divisive notions such as nations, governments, races, political parties, religions, creeds or class are non-operational distinctions in the view of The Movement. Rather, we recognize the world as one system and the human species as a singular unit, sharing a common habitat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LIKE The Zeitgeist Movement @ https://www.facebook.com/tzmglobal FOLLOW The Zeitgeist Movement @ https://twitter.com/tzmglobal JOIN THE MAILING LIST: http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/ SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEwoFdqY09VwZFESGZ8Qp4A?sub_confirmation=1
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"Uberization and the Future of Work" - Dr. Jacki O’Neill, Researcher, Microsoft
Friday Informatics Seminar Dr. Jacki O’Neill Researcher Microsoft Friday, March 10, 2017 Slides: https://www.informatics.uci.edu/files/pdf/Uberization_UCI2017.pdf Talk Title: Uberization and the Future of Work ABSTRACT: Recent changes in the world of work, such as the proliferation of crowdwork and so-called peer economy apps, have enabled new models of on demand labour. The emergence of such apps, not to mention the popularity of Uber, have led some to proclaim that Uberization is the future of work. Uberization is a popular term loosely used to encompass one or more of three workplace trends: 1) taskification, where work is performed as a series of individual tasks, often farmed out to 2) a non-contracted workforce, sometimes rather euphemistically called micro-entrepreneurs or partners, who work in 3) a technologically-mediated labour market (typically a third party platform provider), which manages the work and workforce algorithmically. In this presentation I will use my years of studying both traditional and platform-based workplaces to examine this vision of the future of work from the perspective of the workers in these labour markets. Using ethnographic data, I will ask what’s it like to work in these new digital economies? What are the implications for independence, flexibility, and motivation and job satisfaction? What is it like when ones workplace is, at least in part, a third party platform which delegates management to algorithms? What are the implications for coordination work and worker evaluation? Probing current practice enables us to explore opportunities to design a future of work which supports and enhances worker’s practice, producing better outcomes not just for the workers, but also for customers and platform providers BIO: Dr Jacki O’Neill is an experienced Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher. She uses ethnomethodologically-informed ethnography to inspire the design of innovative technologies, which aim to be both useful and usable since they take into account users situated practices. She joined the Technologies for Emerging Markets (TEM) area at Microsoft Research India in Jan 2014. She was previously a Principal Scientist and Ethnography Champion for Xerox’s Innovation Group, based at Xerox Research Centre Europe. She is passionate about the design of technologies which capitalize on people’s skills and capabilities, whether at work, at home, for health, education or play. Her current research interests span the future or work, digital currencies and financial inclusion, transportation and accessibility. Her background in designing workplace technologies to support and enhance work practices has, in the last 5 years, led to investigation of new technologically-mediated workplaces, from crowdwork platforms to so-called ‘peer economy’ applications (Uber, Ola, etc.). Opportunities for intervention come at the platform-level (designing for workers’ situated practice, capitalizing on local knowledge, etc.), at the market level (e.g. designing workable peer-to-peer platforms for a true peer economy, i.e. designing out the digital middleman), and at the career level (supporting career development, mobility and so on). The digital currency research examines mobile money and its relation (or otherwise) to financial inclusion. She is in the process of designing and building and app to build auto-rickshaw drivers financial capability. She has more than 40 peer-reviewed articles, 10 patents and 8 patents pending and has served on the Program Committees of conferences such as CHI, CSCW, Co-op, Group, ECSCW, ICTd and India HCI for many years. She is Paper Chair of Interact 2017.
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Malliswari Full Movie | Venkatesh | Katrina Kaif | Brahmanandam | Sunil | Trivikram | Koti
Watch Malliswari Full Movie starring Venkatesh, Katrina Kaif, Brahmanandam, Sunil, Tanikella Bharani, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ahuti Prasad among others. The film is written by Trivikram, directed by Vijaya Bhaskar and produced by Suresh Babu. Music Composed by Koti. Suresh Productions (Telugu: సురేష్ ప్రొడక్షన్స్) is a film production company, a subsidiary of Rama Naidu Studios, founded by Dr. D. Ramanaidu. The production house of the company is Ramanaidu Studios which is located in Hyderabad. Suresh Productions is one of India’s largest film production companies with over 50 years of contribution to national and regional cinema. Click here to watch: Nuvu Evvari Edalo Malleswari Video Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrTZYvz9BTA Tulasi Full Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmN7J5m_Ohc Cheli Soku Malliswari Video Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMscVCmdmsk Malliswari Movie Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWP-FOTfFig Nuvventa Andagattevaina Malliswari Video Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6C5Lnb98xQ For More Videos Subscribe: https://youtube.com/sureshproductions Like:https://facebook.com/SureshProductions Follow: https://twitter.com/SureshProdns
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Supreme Court: The Term in Review (2017–2018) Part 1 of 2
Some of the nation’s top legal scholars discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2017–2018 term and analyze the decisions that are most likely to affect the work of federal judges. Among the decisions discussed will be those involving the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments as well as bankruptcy law, immigration law, and the federal courts. Case summaries are available at https://www.fjc.gov/sites/default/files/materials/33/Supreme_Court_Term_in_Review_2017-2018.pdf. Faculty: Jim Chance (Federal Judicial Center); Erwin Chemerinsky (University of California, Berkeley School of Law); John S. Cooke (Federal Judicial Center); Anne Fleming (Georgetown Law Center); Laurie L. Levenson (Loyola Law School); Suzanna Sherry (Vanderbilt University Law School); Elizabeth C. Wiggins (Federal Judicial Center) 1. FIRST AMENDMENT: 3:01 Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, 138 S. Ct. 2448 (June 27, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Reversed. 5 – 4 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-1466_2b3j.pdf Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, 138 S. Ct. 1719 (June 4, 2018) Certiorari to the Court of Appeals of Colorado. Reversed. 7 – 2 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-111_new2_22p3.pdf National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra, 138 S. Ct. 2361 (June 26, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Reversed. 5 – 4 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-1140_5368.pdf 2. FOURTH AMENDMENT: 19:01 Carpenter v. United States, 138 S. Ct. 2206 (June 22, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Reversed. 5 – 4 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-402_new_o75q.pdf Collins v. Virginia, 138 S. Ct. __ (May 29, 2018) Certiorari to the Supreme Court of Virginia. Reversed. 8 – 1 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-1027_7lio.pdf Byrd v. United States, 138 S. Ct. 1518 (May 14, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Reversed. 9 – 0 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-1371_1bn2.pdf 3. FIFTH AND SIXTH AMENDMENTS: 29:49 Currier v. Virginia, 138 S. Ct. 2144 (June 22, 2018) Certiorari to the Supreme Court of Virginia. Affirmed. 5 – 4 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-1348_h315.pdf McCoy v. Louisiana, 138 S. Ct. 1500 (May 14, 2018) Certiorari to the Supreme Court of Louisiana. Reversed. 6 – 3 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-8255_i4ek.pdf 4. IMMIGRATION LAW: 33:52 Trump v. Hawaii, 138 S. Ct. __ (June 26, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Reversed. 5 – 4 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/17-965_h315.pdf Jennings v. Rodriguez, 138 S. Ct. 830 (February 27, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Reversed. 3 + 2 – 4 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/15-1204_f29g.pdf Sessions v. Dimaya, 138 S. Ct. 1204 (April 17, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Affirmed. 4 + 1 – 4 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/15-1498_1b8e.pdf 5. BANKRUPTCY LAW: 44:55 Merit Management Group, LP v. FTI Consulting, Inc., 138 S. Ct. 883 (February 27, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Affirmed. 9 – 0 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-784_gdhk.pdf Lamar, Archer & Cofrin, LLP v. Appling, 138 S. Ct. 1752 (June 4, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Affirmed. 9 – 0 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-1215_gdhk.pdf U.S. Bank N.A. v. Village at Lakeridge, 138 S. Ct. 960 (March 5, 2018) Certiorari to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Affirmed. 9 – 0 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/15-1509_4fbi.pdf
2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Exterior/Interior HD
2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Exterior/Interior HD. More: http://classiccarpictures.us/ A third body variant of the BMW M6 high-performance sports car is set to be presented for the first time as the BMW M6 Gran Coupe joins the existing Coupe and Convertible models in the line-up. The new member of the M6 family brings together customary M performance characteristics with extra helpings of luxury and aesthetic appeal. The high-revving V8 enginewith M TwinPower Turbo technology and 412 kW/560 hp propels the BMW M6 Gran Coupe from 0 - 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.2 seconds. And the elegantly sporty lines of the four-door Coupe are complemented by bespoke features, such as the carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof. The greater interior space of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe allows two rear passengers to enjoy generous levels of on-board comfort, and there is also a third rear seat for use on shorter journeys. Design: the beauty of majestic power delivery. Hallmark M design features influenced directly by technical considerations - such as cooling air requirements, chassis geometry, weight balance and aerodynamics - open a clear window into the performance capability of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe. The front of the car is dominated by its large air intakes, standard Adaptive LED Headlights and an M kidney grille designed especially for this model. From the side, the first four-door Coupe in the BMW M GmbH ranks is clearly distinguishable from the BMW M6 Coupe thanks to its rear doors and 113-millimetre longer wheelbase. The low roofline flowing smoothly into the rear, the swage line - which takes in the door openers - and side windows extending well into the C-pillars accentuate the dynamically stretched silhouette. Prominently flared wheel arches draw the eye to a track width specific to the BMW M6 Gran Coupe. The characteristic M gills, aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors, standard BMW Individual High-gloss Shadow Line package and exclusive 20-inch M light-alloy wheels in double-spoke design underline the car's distinctive appearance, as does another M signature - twin exhaust tailpipes positioned on the outer edges of the rear apron. Also integrated into the rear apron, and charged with the task of optimising airflow along the car's underbody, is a diffuser made from CFRP. This extremely lightweight, impressively strong high-tech material is used in the construction of the roof as well. Here, the visible carbon structure provides an eye-catching feature, as does a dynamic recess in the centre of the roof. This recess is referenced stylistically inside the car, the anthracite-coloured Alcantara roof liner gaining a central section in leather. Emulating the harmonious blend of athletic prowess and elegance embodied by the exterior design, the distinctively M cockpit fuses sports car style with generous levels of space and a luxurious ambience. The driver and front passenger can look forward to M sports seats with integral belt guides. And the BMW M6 Gran Coupe's standard specification also includes Merino leather upholstery with extended features. The rear compartment offers two or three seats, the backrests of which can split and fold down in a ratio of 40 : 60 to increase boot capacity from 460 to as much as 1,265 litres. V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology, seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic, Active M Differential. The powertrain technology under the skin of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe guarantees the performance characteristics for which M Automobiles are renowned. The V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology produces 412 kW/560 hp. Its technical wizardry includes a pair of twin-scroll turbochargers, a cross-bank exhaust manifold, High Precision Direct Petrol Injection, VALVETRONIC variable valve timing and Double-Vanos continuously variable camshaft control. The 4,395 cc unit keeps peak torque of 680 Newton metres (502 lb-ft) on tap between 1,500 and 5,750 rpm, while maximum output is developed between 6,000 and 7,000 rpm. The engine revs to a maximum of 7,200 rpm. The BMW M6 Gran Coupe sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.2 seconds on the way to an electronically governed top speed of 250 km/h/155 mph (305 km/h/189 mph if the optional M Driver's Package is specified). Music: Hitman by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300013. Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/licenses/. PLEASE RATE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the car video please leave a like and check out our channel for more great content . 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Exterior/Interior HD. More: http://classiccarpictures.us/
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Planet of the Gods by Robert Moore Williams
Far, far in the future Earth has achieved real peace and is sending out interstellar expeditions, not to conquer, but to explore. The third such expedition, has made it to the Vega system and discovered to everyone's amazement, not only a solar system but two worlds circling the Vega sun that seem to have atmosphere and water. And apparently intelligent life is there as well as well because something tries, and almost succeeds, in blasting the expedition ship out of space before it can even get close to either one. Damaged, with 3 dead men aboard, the expedition ship semi-crashes and seek to hide from this obviously hostile civilization. The three dead members of the crew are buried and four of the local inhabitants pay a friendly call. Then during the second night on this planet, one of the dead bodies knocks on the door and wants to come in. Something very strange is going on here. Chapter 1 - 00:00 Chapter 2. Vegan World - 20:45 Chapter 3. The Four Visitors - 33:53 Chapter 4. The Monster - 47:19 Chapter 5. What the Graves Revealed - 1:03:45 Chapter 6. The Capture of the Ship - 1:21:16
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Hydrogen; Nature's Fuel
This documentary tells the story of hydrogen through a series of intriguing interviews from those working on cutting-edge hydrogen technologies. The program explains to viewers every step of the process, including how hydrogen is created, how it is transported and dispensed, and how it is used in fuel cell vehicles and other end uses Tim Lipman; Research Co-Director, University of California, Berkley Michael Holmes; Deputy Associate Director, Research Energy & Environmental Research Center Gerry Groenewold; Director, Energy & Environmental Research Center Ghassan Sleiman; Engineer, Hydrogenics USA Tom Erickson; Associate Director, Research Energy & Environmental Research Center Ron Harper; CEO & General Manager, Basin Electric Power Cooperative Dakota Gasification Company, Great Plains Synfuels Plant Beulah, North Dakota Nathan Seigel; Researcher, Sandia National Laboratories Solar Tower & Heliostat Field, Albuquerque, New Mexico Michael McGowan; Head of Hydrogen Solutions, Linde North America Magog, Quebec Michael Gagne; Plant Manager, Linde North America Dev Patel; Manager, Kraus Global Kraus Global, Winnipeg, Manitoba Scott Bailey; Vice President, Kraus Global Morm Estey; Former President & CEO, Kraus Global Nuvera Fuel Cells, Billerica, Massachusetts Roberto Cordaro; President, Nuvera Fuel Cells James C. Cross III; Vice President, Nuvera Fuel Cells Darryl Pollica; Chief Engineer, Nuvera Fuel Cells Scott Blanchet; Director of Product Development, Nuvera Fuel Cells Chris Ensco; Chief Engineer, Nuvera Fuel Cells Altergy Systems, Folsom, California Mickey Oros; Senior Vice President, Altergy Systems SYSCO, Grand Rapids, Michigan Darin Van Duyn; Vice President of Operations, SYSCO Corporation Toro, Bloomington, Minnesota Jack Gust; Chief Engineer, The Toro Company Sierra Nevada Brewery, Chico, California Ken Grossman; President, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. California Fuel Cell Partnership, West Sacramento, California Catherine Dunwoody; Executive Director, California Fuel Cell Partnership Tom Cackette; Chief Deputy Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board John Tillman; Program Manager, Volkswagen of America, Inc. Michael Smith; Service Manager, Ford Motor Company Marshall Miller; Senior Development Engineer University of California, Davis Peter Friebe; General Manager, Daimler AG New Flyer, Winnipeg, Manitoba Brydon Owen; Group Leader, New Flyer AC Transit, Oakland, California Douglas Byrne; Project Manager, AC Transit Jamie Levin, Director, Ac Transit Icelandic New Energy Ltd., Reykjavik, Iceland Jon Bjorn Skulason; General Manager, Icelandic New Energy Ltd. National Center for Hydrogen Technology www.undeerc.org/ncht National Energy Technology Laboratory www.netl.doe.gov Producer: Bob Dambach Narrator: Joyce Eisenbraun Editor: Ann Hall Anderson Videographers: Dave Geck, Barbra Gravel, Travis Jensen, Frode Tilden Animation: Tim Eissinger Graphics: Ann Hall Anderson, Earl Battle, Ben Stommes Production Manager: Barbra Gravel Closed Captioning: Armour Captioning For the EERC Management: Thomas Erickson, Michael Holmes Writers: Tera Buckley, Dan Daly, Kirk Williams Special Thanks: Ed Klunder, Dan Driscoll, Dan Cicero, Bonnie Dowdell, National Energy Technology Laboratory, British Columbia Transit, Air Liquide Executive Producers: Bob Dambach, Michael Holmes
Refugees and Migrants: Economic and Social Integration | SkollWF 2018
The way nations and their citizens choose to manage integration of an increasingly large flow of refugees and other migrants has global reverberations. Effective integration can positively transform people’s lives, and boost countries economically, socially, and culturally. In an era of rising nationalism, what does successful social and economic integration look like? How can nations foster policies that are both more welcoming to migrants, and a win-win for host communities? Featuring: Susan Myers - Moderator Senior Vice President, United Nations Foundation Sana Mustafa - Speaker Founding Member, Network for Refugee Voices Robert Annibale - Speaker Global Director of Inclusive Finance, Citigroup, Inc. Premal Shah - Speaker Co-Founder & President, Kiva Malual Bol Kiir - Speaker Founder, African Youth Action Network About the Skoll World Forum: Each year, nearly 1,000 of the world’s most influential social entrepreneurs, key thought leaders, and strategic partners gather at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School to exchange ideas, solutions, and information. The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship is the premier international platform for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Connect with the Skoll Foundation: Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/skollfou... Website: http://skoll.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkollFoundation Facebook: http://facebook.com/skollfoundation
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Snow Tha Product - “Nights" (feat. W. Darling)
Snow Tha Product - “Nights" (feat. W. Darling) Download: http://smarturl.it/DownloadNights Stream: http://smarturl.it/StreamNights Connect with Snow https://twitter.com/SnowThaProduct https://www.facebook.com/SnowThaProduct https://www.instagram.com/snowthaproduct https://soundcloud.com/snowthaproduct http://www.snowthaproduct.com/
Digital Transformation and IBM Global Business Services with Mark Foster - CXOTalk #293
IBM Global Business Services is one of the largest business and technology consulting firms in the world; their reach touches organizations across many industries undergoing digital transformation. In this episode, CXOTalk host and industry analyst, Michael Krigsman, speaks with Mark Foster, the head of IBM Global Business Services. For more info and the complete transcript, see https://www.cxotalk.com/episode/digital-transformation-ibm-global-business-services This interview covers AI, the future of digital transformation, cognitive computing, platforms, IoT, blockchain, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, and related topics. The conversation also addresses industries such as shipping, insurance, and financial services. Mark is Senior Vice President, IBM Global Business Services, responsible for the strategy, client value and business performance of IBM’s consulting, systems integration, digital agency, business process outsourcing and application management services businesses across all industries. GBS brings clients the expertise of more than 100,000 consultants and practitioners creating value at the intersection of business insight and information technology. Prior to joining IBM in 2016, Mark built a distinguished record of achievement as a global business leader, a consultant to businesses and governments around the world, and a creative thinker of broad knowledge and wide interests. During his 27 years at Accenture, Mark handled a variety of leadership assignments of increasing responsibility. Prior to his retirement from the firm in 2011, Mark served as Group Chief Executive, Global Markets and Management Consulting, leading a team of 15,000 consultants. Previously, Mark led Accenture’s industry teams in Retail, Consumer, Health, Transport and Industrial sectors. While at Accenture, Mark chaired the World Economic Forum Global Health Initiative Against AIDS, TB and Malaria and was Vice Chair of the Mayor of Seoul's International Business Advisory Council. From 2011 through 2015, Mark served the UK government as founding Commissioner for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact, which oversaw the UK’s foreign aid spending around the world.
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Practical Anarchy • Stefan Molyneux • Complete Audiobook
Imagine a world without government. Part 1: Methodology 08:43 Part 2: Reasoning 2:35:51 Part 3: Examples 6:14:12 Part 4: Conclusions 8:40:21 Free Audiobooks by Stefan Molyneux: https://freedomainradio.com/free/ Stefan Molyneux on YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/stefbot/ 01:54 Preface 08:43 Part 1: Methodology 42:15 The Argument from Apocalypse 1:07:24 A Merely Personal Confession 1:23:27 A Few Principles 1:34:47 You are not the only kind person on the planet 2:1:34 Collective Defense: An Example of Methodology 2:24:12 Statist National “Defense”: A Critical Example 2:35:51 Part 2: Reasoning 2:35:56Introduction: The Six Questions 2:33:53 Anarchism – Frequently Asked Questions 2:43:58 Isn’t Anarchism ‘Bad’? 2:44:51 But if there is no government, how can the inevitable conflicts in human society be resolved? 2:47:49 But what about the roads? 2:58:09 How can a society without a government pay for national defense? 3:2:59 What about education? 3:6:15 Yes, but how will poor children get an education if it is not paid for through taxes? 3:11:31 Disproving the State: Four Arguments Against Government 3:22:55 Anarchy, Violence and the State 3:40:23 War, Profit and the State 4:3:01 Externalizing Emotional Discomfort 4:4:25 In Other Words, The State Is War 4:21:09 Dispute Resolution Organizations 4:37:47 The Stateless Society: An Examination of Alternatives 4:49:12 Environmental Pollution 5:8:02 The Stateless Society and Violent Crime 5:19:40 Crimes of Passion 5:25:21 These Cages Are Only for Beasts 5:33:44 Stateless Dictatorships: How a Free Society Prevents the Re-emergence of a Government 5:51:36 The Question of Profit 6:8:27 The Tank in the Garden 6:14:12 Part 3: Examples 6:14:34 Roads 6:26:24 A Predatory Road Monopoly? 6:41:37 Health Care 7:11:29 Health Care and the Poor 7:16:47 Stateless Prisons 7:30:19 Money 7:37:41 The Anarchist Credit Card 7:47:04 Monetary Aspects of Stateless Money 8:10:53 Saving Children: The Stateless Society and the Protection of the Helpless 8:27:32 Preventing Tragedy – An Anarchic Analysis of Abortion 8:29:54 Subsidizing Abortion 8:35:58 Taxing Family Planning 8:40:21 Part 4: Conclusions 8:40:45 The Value of Anarchism 8:41:23The Future 8:50:15 Anarchy and Relationships
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